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You just it it's repeatedly eat you you do it over and over again but that's true with learning anything isn't it when you when you were a kid and you wrote a bicycle did you just immediately get on a bike and you were just proficient and you could do we lease no not make a note note if felt awkward it was not it was wasn't normal until you did it again and again and then it became almost second nature right what for a bottle bicycle okay now uh we're going to talk about a target rin talk about if you did target practicing what would it looks like and i'm i'm gonna tell you why am i am one of you to focus on a target when he said i feel stuck art and thank you for helping me understand a pattern but we had an uncle who um was nakaha acc and he was handsome kion does on business but then he ah and never forget when i learned that his wife had run off with his business partner with the money of the business soysal he lost his wife he lost his business and ultimately he lost his life because he committed suicide you used the word hopeless your that is the state a person has if they really feel hopeless they feel there is no hope there is no way out i can't see anything else to do and they can think this is the only recourse i have is to take my life do you know that feeling berger are you there five day care september dead a psychiatric ward because her the secret battled bread with a grin never military became the okay said set's not god's will for you we're going to talk about what it it'll be dennis yo clear roger jennings please pardon the inconvenience as we continue our construction this project started 28 years ago and continues as we have been building relationships friendships and a customer.

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