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A more Dato lawn of questioning with Nancy Beaumont asking for exact information about what the children were wearing. And what taunt I had left time. She described her children knowing your out Jane was full foot six inches toll thin with freckles and sun blazed hair cropped to hurries with a pushed back fringe at the front. Seven-year out on was full foot toll of plump build with suntanned skin and short dark Brown hair. With a fringe. Four year old grant was just three foot tall thin with short Brown hair and complexion with very suntanned skin. The police left the such glencoe and the surrounding summit pox straits with a frantic Jim Beaumont inte-. I searched the cousins of glencoe Somerton west bay ch- say cliff and Broughton looking for any so on of the children, including the bag tells and clothing, I had left the house with that moaning. The hunt. Temperature might the search extra challenging as the beaches was so packed with Kratz of able light into the non. Jim Bown quickly ruled out. The possibility is children drowned in the sea lighted starting quote. The betas were packed and the say was calm one. Katie perhaps could be Joan, but the three together I just can't imagine that that would have been some evidence. They had that grain Bauge bag with them. They had their clothes a fan. Did nothing lock that at all. Struggling to say properly in the dog the police code off the search until the morning lot. Jim Beaumont failed that he wouldn't return without his children and continue.

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