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The bases. When Orlando are RC couldn't handle a slow chopper by DJ LeMay, Hugh Nolan narrow Nado got behind in the count but tied the ballgame. Pitch is driven to center field. Common is Cain Hamson tags. He's going to try and score. And he is in there and Charlie Blackmon moves up to third Garrett Hamson a rookie beat canes throw to the plate. The game is tied. And the go ahead run is ninety feet away. Garrod Hamson safe at home, presented by ring pro partners and CASA the mission to be advocates for abused and neglected children. Unfortunately, four the Rockies, it was a strikeout or a fielder's choice on the first pitch by David doll. And they got Charlie Blackmon at the plate. And then Trevor story struck out the Rockies missing out on a chance to grab the lead. The brewers threatened in the. Ninth-inning no damage done there. But a leadoff walk by Christian yelich after being behind in the count of eventually set up. Mike moose stock is with a base it the right field and the brewers in ten innings win game. One three two two or game recap. Brought to us by Audi flat irons at Audi. Flatiron jury experiences their number one priority. Visit Audi flat irons dot com. More from Milwaukee in a moment on KOA Rockies radio network. I'm Gary Arnold with pipe fitters local to.

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