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And we're fine. You gotta ask yourself as a company what what is your core mission? What are you actually trying to solve for and in? Where do you wanna be, you know, at some point in time, and you know, back to these these whitegoods he's appliance companies to the really want to be in on the data business. Right. Are they just wanna make toilets which is very good business? So last question, it's very nerdy. And I feel like it would be doing you. We've only ever really had any conversations. So we've been up here in the abstract, but I'm gonna end with very nerdy, August platform oceans, right now, the way August is architect, it is very different than everybody else. So you've got a bluetooth lock if you wanna put that on a life. I gotta by August connect and stick it in the wall. And then you've got a doorbell Cam. Wifi. They can also act bridge or you ever just gonna do a wifi lock is the technology there yet. I mean from day one we've we've thought about a wife, I lock in. And we've certainly spent a considerable amount of time and energy looking at at WI fi chipsets would allow us to do that the challenges is a lock has to be able to more than anything else. I name a system in your house. Maybe your thermostat in the wintertime. There's a few other things in your house that you need to make sure it works reliably consistently, and, you know, battery manager power management for a lock is extremely important to us and having to swap out your batteries every every couple of weeks is just not something consumer is wanting to do right now. If you've got a wifi lock from us, and you had to change the batteries in two or three weeks, you would probably ripped out there like a power to the door standard their door federation meetings in this works is there like a net irrational door standard. Body, and you go there, and you're like, here's our power to the door standard that we're proposing. There is no shortage of of efforts to to bring electric, and we actually make us all makes door brackets with invisible wires right in the bracket, you can run wires right through the door to we. We have locks their commercial potential, and you know, we've explored wireless, you know, trying to in do that in a safe way. But you've explored wireless power to the door. Oh, we've every every type of why we looked at it. We've tested it lab. We actually shown it we demonstrated his CS a couple of times. Nothing ready for mass consumer use when we think we can deliver that with both the power, right? But but also latency to write, you know, trying to wake up a wife radio real fast real time when it's raining outside and you're standing in front of your door. There's there's lots of complexities to doing it. So we are not going to deliver a wifi lock until we think it performs as good as our bluetooth locks to do you think about the other standards are out there. This is he waves. We do we we didn't know putting Z wave in the third. We did add Z wave mainly because the security companies big security dealers. They asked us to do that. And we'd love to be who we have Yale locks than that zig enabled. Are you going to take over the entire tech stack of this company? Or are you, you know? Is that where it's trending. They, you know, I guess it might my colleagues worldwide in my team really enjoyed working together. And we all kinds of exciting projects I promised. I wouldn't spill the beans on anything coming. But there's a whole bunch of new PR person. She's been typing just looked out. But as some really some really neat products coming North America as well as round the world. So what we look look forward to all that. Thank you, become by my pleasure. We dragged you away from the show is great. That was Jason Johnson is the CEO volume scrape conversation, we're back from CS. Now, we're going to get some sleep. Get our bearings. We back with a regular cast on Friday. Hopefully, hopefully, everyone will got enough sleep. But see that..

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