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Sean O'Malley and the inaugural FAI champ equal Montana Mendez was March seventh of two thousand eighteen Batory August twenty th of two thousand eighteen Sean O'Malley September. Oh and December of two thousand eighteen and Nico Montana October of two thousand twenty five so they're all pretty much eligible to fight because these suspensions are retroactive. Some of them are really really. Feeling I guess free and. Free of guilt mostly, but but at the same time, they are also I in a way attacking those that kinda hated on them. That's boston. Just Gordon Toronto on Boston guys primarily folks, Marvan Vittori, and I was gonna say the four when this all went down Marvin was probably the most vocal when it happened. So I could see him having a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. But I I believe him in Sean O'Malley today, both released tweets, Sean was just kinda like I'm back baby that sort of thing where Marvin's was a little bit more directed towards the haters, and and all the negativity that you see in sometimes the media, sometimes social media, do you recommend that? Or do you recommend just give back to fight? I think because first of all when you when you lay out a story like this half of the people that read it don't even really understand it. They don't really get what's going on. And then they just move onto the next thing. So I don't know that you're going to change people's opinions at pink the best thing to do is just kind of like Gilbert Melendez just kind of inch back a little bit let things play out. And then when you're back. You're just back, right? Yeah. Austrian that's come up a few other times. If you recall was three Brazilian fighters. Also were linked to that one of them being junior dishonest, and they're all kind of like, I guess what exonerated? I wanna use these these terms that have been going on with the whole Mullah report. But Austrian, by the way is a selective androgen receptor modulator that's banned year round and sold worldwide as a compound that mimics anabolic steroids started has pushed legislators to outlaw supplements that contain Austrian amid several you've see positives. So if that rang a bell, that's what we were circling back to was late last year. I think hope. Zero Nogueira was the other one and I forget who the third have been. But anyway, these fighters are now free to go. I would still say when I what I want you to do more of is. I mean, come on one March of two thousand eighteen what's taking so long. That that that needs to be done a little bit quicker. All right. We're going to break. Now it's ever made junk radio on fighting nation channel one fifty six. That's right. One fifty six we made the switch a couple of weeks ago. You're a little confused there on your presets. We did that for you. But if you ever get lost. Remember, we are channel one fifty six we'll kind of keep a little bit of this discussion going. We had a nice little sit down Jon Morgan with Joseph Ben Evita's, and he also had a some stuff to say out there that was, you know, about the the flyway division, but he also weighs in on Walt Harris, and the you side suspension that he accepted that we mentioned yesterday. So we'll come right back and start off with that. Today's show. You can listen back on demand streaming anytime on your phone or at home unserious XM connected devices and speakers..

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