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Quarry a major chance of winning that sort of sums it a lot doesn't it well i mean the last part i think is wrong i mean cory stewart's probably gonna lose by double digits in virginia and i certainly won't be sad about that result i would point out with just throw a little bit of new onset of this i mean we did have barbara comstock one in virginia against a guy and trump was kind of loyalty to trump was the focal point of that race comstock was accused of being insufficiently loyal to trump mike dewine did win republican primary in ohio recently where loyalty to try he was the less loyal to trump and i think probably martha mcsally will win zona over to people who are much more trump so it's it's a little less land olympic although barbara comstock shouli got sixty percent of the vote against this guy who is nixed trump are and she got less votes or in the republican primary they got less votes than the democrats so she is a prime target and she has tried to walk this tightrope she doesn't want to offend trump and trump voters too much but on the other hand she has considerably to the left of her and she is one of the top targeted seats in the country and i would also say to liens point which is i think is good it's good introduce that and is definitely the case that not every race has been a referendum on how will your trump is broken the president's way but all you gotta do still fear in politicians right is win a few of them i mean that's that's the point right i mean it's hard to challenge comments anyway what you are seeing is on noth of a pattern wouldn't you say leon that everyone understands where the political incentives are understands there's no upside in going into the president.

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