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Week. 1 22, Now new Today, one of the seven wanted by the FBI in connection with an assault on a D C police officer has now turned himself in charging documents and photos show the tally Gross Jankowski holding a Taser inside the Capitol on January 6. He told the FBI. He found it but didn't use it on Officer Mike known Gross. Jankowski is charged with several federal crimes, including impeding government business while carrying a dangerous weapon during the Capitol attack. Officer Finn Own was hazed multiple times, beaten and had his life threatened. He also suffered a mild heart attack. You this afternoon, a teacher and Fred Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge placed on leave after apparently telling students during an online class that he was at the Capitol riots. The Prince William Times reports. The action against Teacher Benjamin Plumber was taken on Friday, The paper says a student took video of plumbers admission and posted it on social media. It's under clear of plumber went inside the Capitol that day, Prince William County public schools, saying they are aware of Social Media Post claiming that one arm or school employees or at the Capitol on the sixth of January, and while it will investigate to see if school policies were violated. It says it can't comment on personnel matters. In a statement, the school district says that recognizes the right of employees to take part in political activity on their personal time. But it says employees may be fired if they took part in criminal activity. Well, one of those arrested for taking part in the protests at the Capitol was on probation and wearing a GPS tracker. Turns out the FBI used that tracker is it was intended to track the man's movements. Brian Betancur of Silver Spring on probation for burglary was given permission to travel from Maryland into D. C. January 6th. Because he claimed he would be handing out Bibles with the group Gideon International. But an FBI agents affidavit says the GPS tracker that Betancur was wearing indicates that he was at the U. S Capitol that afternoon. Pictures on social media were also used to determine his whereabouts. Betancur is facing several charges, including unlawful activities on the Capitol grounds. Dick Uliano w T o p News Coming up on w T O P markets are gaining ground. Today v. R. B O is double checking DC Renters. I'm Jeff Global..

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