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The fact that he was able to actually see if system being implemented and the guys bought in i think only what is fred hoiberg best coaching job but i think even with nicole america's bobby polars baba this was going to be his easiest season as coach of the chicago bulls because there were no expectations we talked about the tanking stuff at the beginning next year there's going to be a reasonable level of expectations and there's also going to be a reasonable level for god like marketing and done in levin to want to take that next individual steph where they're going to need guidance and direction from a head coach understandably doesn't like confrontation so if the confrontation doesn't come from coach in the play the compensation is going to come from within and it's going to be up to to sort of deal with that along with more young players so i think he acquitted himself well this year answer some questions i think there's probably just as many questions going into next year with the potential makeup other ballclub vincent you wrote a good article on bleacher report about kuwait leonard in how he has embodied into the spurs way like tim duncan did why has not bought in in san antonio well i i think it's twofold it's tim duncan was a unicorn of a certain way where you know he was a superstar who literally changed with no frills and i don't say that as a good thing or a bad thing i just say that as you look at today's superstar in any walk of life they have leverage they have power they have things that they're going to use because their talent in production dictates that and the spurs developed a reputation because dunkin didn't do those things he wasn't the modern superstar so on the backside of that when you get a guy like wild winner and he's quiet you actually starts and thinks that that's the order that he's going to fall in as opposed to judging him based off of whatever he's going to show you as far as its own maturity i don't think they will prepare poke hawaii leonard not being quiet but saying a lot and the fact that he's sort of at this this schism with the front office and with gregg popovich and there's all these unspoken signals and everything else i think he's trying to.

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