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That's a little dramatic, right? Okay. Let's let's let's settle down here Christmas. All right. So the Lakers they won last night. One Twenty-one one. Oh, six one twenty one one a one in Golden State last night big Christmas day game. They're not twenty and fourteen. They dropped the warriors to twenty three and twelve one of the stars of that game. After particularly after LeBron went out you saw what Rondo did you sell Atlanta. The end of the third quarter Kouzmin Ingram and everybody count playing. Well, if visas bots DeMarco was nine of ten from the floor. He is now in three games filling in for jail McGee. Okay. Made twenty five of his thirty two shots. He has twenty eight rebounds and eight blocks. Why is this funny because you don't think he's that good? I I love it. Right. Right is not good. He's not even kind of what I said what saying is damn like this is twenty five of thirty two since getting Joyal mcgee's pneumonia. He's been out. So ladies while and keeps getting asked, you know, what happens when javale all comes back and Walton wisely just keep saying, I don't know what he's back. That's a great answer. You know in jail may not play on Thursday may not play Friday pneumonia knocks out and it's worth noting that McGee has asthma as well. So you now you're talking about a respiratory infection for a guy who battles asthma as it. Is you got to be careful with that Camille wanna make him sick? Again. You don't you just I don't want to get it. You can't catch as you. Don't get asthma. I don't care it might you. Never know. It's like that line is it's Caddyshack. Right. I'll give you asthma. Yes. Yeah. See something like that. But anyway, so my people are going to tweet me. It's not that's not the line say like you're on Lakers, go with it I got through that. through that at some point. It just becomes hurtful. So. This becomes a good. It's a good problem to have because McGee has been arguably their second best player after Laurent this year. And in some ways has been the hardest to replicate and you saw what happened before zoo bots kind of stepped up like without McGee the game in Washington that game in in Brooklyn. They were arable defensively just awful. And because they can't really replicate. What McGee does Tyson Chandler sort of does it could rebound or solid defender? But and on the other end, but he doesn't score like me. Does he doesn't finish those lobs? It doesn't give you the ten easy points on the break. Whatever it is sets a mean screen, so he's really good that really big guy sits great screen ethic. Beer. The the the skill sets. Don't overlap, but Chandler's played well mcgee's played great. And now zoo box is putting a video game numbers in three games. What are you doing McGee comes back put him right back in the lineup. And what do you do Zubaydah put them right back where he was on the bench? Yes. So he's gone easy. Yes. Absolutely. How do you guys at twenty five of his thirty two shots, easy, sit right there, d boards blocks sit right there sits now back, and he's not what it used to be. Then put the other guy back in. But you give McGee his role right back. I you could sit Chandler a little bit, right? I mean, I don't know zoo bots fits as well in the second year who does the first he'll to have those ball handlers around him as good. But now that you know, you got Rondo we're gonna be getting a little more floor time at least with LeBron out. I I don't see how you don't keep him in a lineup. At least while he's doing that. You gotta sit even if it means you play all three of them somehow. I mean, you have to break up the minutes..

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