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The hit the dirt finally near first base. his Corbin Joseph in a spot where they're playing for the double plays or even a double play ball would get a run home Chris Shaw is on deck. now the first baseman on the bag with Davis and there's a ground ball and they can't get the double play on this one of the. coming in this morning to see if it's active. they had the old version. the shortstop was on the second day side of. the bag he had to go to his left the field and that left second base unattended he then tried to force the issue and make a backhanded flip. two Frazier who was racing over toward second is back can include what right behind Frasier. instead of getting the short out at first base he ended up getting nobody out it's four two and that is going to be all for. Aug resolve who maybe. in a state of disbelief out there. and I got a double play ball and then you're taking me out of the game. so. into the bullpen comes the baileys. two runs home in the in. it'll be scored as a fielder's choice. a run batted in for it Joseph and then error charged to the. is it is this do I have it in the right order was at the shortstop Newman feel to the ball and he was trying to flip it to the second baseman trying to get back. somewhere in the vicinity of second base in a foot race. with the Jamie Davis and Jim Davis runs pretty well by the way. anyway an error charged to the short stop on the play. which allowed Davis to safely reach. second base. it's almost like. I don't see that you could say that. if we had. hit the second baby what that second base it's not a sure thing that he would have been an out at second base even if he had not thrown wildly to. anyway entirely new things going on with these ships. even for official scores the giants get the run is the only thing they care about and with the normal double play set that's a double play and a run scored and two down nobody on and I think the study which is still be in there instead two one two in nobody out a Krishan coming up when it's time for a change the XP the oil change in auto service your trusted oil change tune up and smog experts. and all that said we could have a long debate about ships in that spot and why aren't you in a position to get a double play. women still gesture to run first and get at least one out to the jazz really have a chance to make this a big inning. back in the game already releases been tough. it's a lot of strikeouts he throws hard Krishan big opportunity for him with two on and nobody out for two pirates. here's a picture to show up in the fast ball at ninety six off the outside football one. Davis it's second Joseph it first Joseph did get credit for a run batted in there. two seven Darby I this year his second for the giants Tony had thirteen it back from the giants. on the page and a fastball right down the middle I don't know what he was looking for there that look like the one to launch in the San Francisco Bay. a bit would ninety five miles an hour but it.

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