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We have spice let's do these guys service dot com alec city god service dot com and i i can really say you do a first rate job you've always taking good care of us and even appreciated appreciate you being on the land so today yes sir appreciate child calling i hope you'll have a break bleak you day yes sir thank you dave right now let's let's leslie the shimmering waters of like martin who who will go down to this more told members in lake county alabama how are you this morning brown what's live during great to put my late morton boiler wish we were out there today we just did an interview with kevin dave here of alec god service the novel they got dave got me fired up ready to go get on the water is this beautiful but it's also great town to be in the woods right now with the leaves still off the trees and everything you can see through the woods so it's it's a good time and there's a lotta this for for forster's this is a busy time of year what what are you doing in the woods right now it is it is then of course you got some people do uh wanna do anything whether temper till after the door are old in great radio rare from crews worked under or we're thinking about doing some parvez thing on their property is we're helping some the landowners uh now currently um and crimson that up this week in that of finishing up stuff on another property this week but also this this time of year to uh people are uh they have clearcut it in the past uh one of the past year eighteen months or so uh this is the time of year people or or or planning to restore finishing up planning uh typically a planning season you'd be sandberg uh you know february toward the end of february um one of some of the cruiser finishing up uh now and um you won't get the trees on the ground and well what they did it done uh spring showers you know that healthy established or roots system um so you can.

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