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Fifteen minutes past the hour and in a few minutes. We'll hear how France is preparing for the moment. Britain leaves the EU is Newsday on the BBC World Service and our top headlines on the World Service will top North Korean official is in Washington, Frantisek talks and opposition demonstrators in Sudan are holding a sit-in protests will have plenty more on that throughout the program, including an interview with a Sudanese doctor coming your way, surely latest sports news. Good morning. Good morning. Allen defending champion. Caroline wozniacki. The Australian Open tennis is in trouble in her third-round match against Maria Sharapova, a former champion in Melbourne, of course. But still trying to get your way back into the top level of women's international tennis Sharapova won the first set six four it's five four two was on served in the second set, but she has been struggling whereas Sharapova has looked pretty good. So far update you in half. Now live to Melbourne Park. Earlier men's defending champ. Roger Federer three pretty easily against Taylor. Fitch other stories for you fee for president Gianni Infantino says most Steph as around the world wants an expanded World Cup in Qatar in two thousand eight hundred twenty two cats don't seem to agree. Five time major champion. Phil Mickelson has carded the lowest round of his career at twelve underpass sixty the Desert Classic in California. And the world anti doping agency says it's got data at wanted from the Russian lab. Now, they need to analyze it. And make sure it is quote, complete and uncompromised. Now, there's at least half a question. Thank you very much invade. Now, we're gonna talk about net. Flicks. A company which in its short lifetime has already transformed, the international television and movie landscape. It would help if we could decide here now on your name..

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