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Story dictionary wrap story which no demeans diseases true addicts a pathetic pathetic greg lease is still with us yeah i do i have no respect for anybody who's who would be battles lied no one knows what you're talking about let lisa talk for just a mandate says mosley's butlers and rick no one else can see that stupid but he would be protected by medical privacy right to which you take on butler tell us lisa from the beginning is going to be stupid he writes for some sort of unexplained illnesses loius and none of those on that fell no as the nfl be go check with addressed him if that was the case it all recovery don't know what you're talking about there's there are video flew you're sogo informed embarrassing great state of rhode island where some still weed a lot of it a catalyst let him i understand that let her have that i can i give you an example y'all's jamie cowie what about hormones four week due to an unexplained illness was cut the following year all you have which encodes yet the frigate thing that was going rushing goals now what was he had some was going around last year they talked about it we bear was discussed to cover a leads a coverup kirk eat something a member you say that he lost weight lizzy how you have any information you just guessing not okay i think it when i think if your fairy clear who would explain the car what with look what we said this is the nfl with use our drugs they fail the test would know about the nfl this is like a regular job do you understand the difference do you understand the difference do you understand what the were difference means.

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