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What's a surefire sign that a home security system is bad? A home security system. That's so complicated. You don't even bother using it. This is exactly the type of security system. SIMPLISAFE has spent a decade fighting against. They believe that simple safer, and it's exactly why simply safe is the home security for right now? When feeling safe at home has never been more important, simplisafe was designed to be easy to use while protecting your home twenty four seven. How easy is it? You order online with a click of a button open. The box placed the sensors. Plug it in, and you're protected around the clock by professional monitoring an emergency dispatch. All of this starts at fifty cents a day, and no technician or salesperson has to come to your home Sasha from wondering Los. Angeles says simply safe was so easy to set up and she really likes that. The components are unobtrusive and attractive right now. If you had to simplisafe dot com slash lead, you'll get free shipping and a sixty day money back guarantee that simplisafe dot com slash lead to make sure. They know that our show sent you. The League supported by light box. Have you heard about light box lab grown diamonds? They hacked a billion year process to grow stunning lab grown diamonds in about two weeks, and there's some of the highest quality stones that exist. They're always Mir colorless always vs clarity, always a very good cut, and always eight hundred dollars per carat..

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