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It does mean birth heart disease does burst cholesterol. It does reverse all the elements you know especially especially in the black community That kill us. 'CAUSE 'cause we cause we lead lead in the obesity. We we lead in all these issues always health issues. You know black people weekly lead in so I thought it would be good. You know not just from the standpoint of of healthy living but I think he's a public safety issue as well that we need. We need clean eating. You know for community that definitely it also. So we're working on we're going to be called plant based power and we're targeting Communities of Color Where we're we're going after you know obesity WHERE WE'RE GONNA go out the good you know have good health and and we're going to give good references for for you know for people and you know and and hopefully hopefully we could do? We could do some chains. We're going after we're going out to schools more plant based foods and remember Michelle Obama. Emma put out that whole issue then people laughed at it. Yeah Oh she's crazy where she talking about what. She was talking about fresh vegetables and carvings readings and and she was on point so she was she was on point. You know but they laugh at her because the medication Audi Robbie the medical medical pileup is big business. They don't want you to get off these medication course on saying what you meant occasions they wanted to stay on these Cajun so so they so they get paid. You know I mean you know. They argue about Medicaid indicate and Medicare house. Oh expensive you know. They teach people to eat better. Yeah they're not GONNA do that. Then take it exactly exactly but I but I think the whole movement man is definitely growing. They had a big movie. That came out game. Changes Honest Watson. Can you went Vegan. And he's talking about. I haven't seen it yet. But but but he's talking about different. They got a trump in the athletes. You know that that are being in that so you know just killing a myth that you have to eat meat for protein and you have to eat meat to gain muscle mass. You know so so a lot of the myths that that were created by the lobbying when they when they buy out of the different health organizations To promote denounces I I I think a lot of myths are are are going away. I'm going away but it's still needed in the black meetings so that's GonNa be something that We are GONNA push for by the end of the year gone lost at and And hopefully you know it'll catch you. I certainly hope it does. That's good that's good to know and it's good to hear absolutely thank you so much I would like to have you back on talk about more more correction stuff to corrections bail reform and stuff like that. Yeah Yeah so you've got my number. Let Amino whenever you know whenever you need me more man again no problem. My wife always want me to keep busy. I know that's right man. I notice interesting. So thank you so much day. McKay Jones look forward to it and also WANNA put your website Black Westchester magazine. So make sure everyone listening goes onto to that text that out and thanks so much for coming on. I appreciate the conversation. Great Combo appreciate it. A reitman take you. Thank you to dedicate Jones for being guest. Captain Hunters podcast a really enjoyed the conversation. Listen these conversations are extremely mainly difficult to have and sometimes they're actually frustrating to have. We want to have a good relationship between law enforcement and but people will that they actually serve right. I've focused on putting the police. I in that they actually serve the communities. That's the way I have written Senate as I say it. Bridging the gap between the police and the communities that they serve I think it's very important to keep that mindset when discussing these types of matters riders. And let me give some clarification to this idea what we're talking about with the Christopher Dorner Story. Christopher Dorner was a former former police officer from L. A. P. D. he became frustrated with what was going on in his department. He tried to speak out on a number of times. His Christ is his pleas. Fell on deaf ears so he took the hostile way out. He took the more dangerous path. More dangerous route way out. I certainly do not want that. I certainly do do not advocate for that. I certainly do not believe that it is going to be necessary for these types of things to change so cap. Are you saying that if things don't change the officers should take these these types of matters into their own hands absolutely not. I don't think that violence is the way the handle any of these types of situations when you understand terrorism and terrorists terrorist acts. You understand that no system has ever changed because of terrorist acts right so taking to whether it's Islamic terrorists or whether it's Christopher Dorner anyone one who thinks or acts like that when you take the law into your own hands and we start going up killing innocent citizens than you're only going to cement people in their thought processes process is you're not going to make any type of change so I WANNA make change by dialogue. ONUMA changed by by good conversation. And that's understanding both sides of the street. I had a conversation with a friend of mine. WHO said that he was feared that my show is becoming to radicalize in too much of a racial type of show? Show racer type of podcast. That is not my intention but I think that we have to talk about these problems. I think that as I mentioned before and as we tried to illustrate today in today's episode that many of these circumstances needs problems are really historically in racially based by exposing us and by having having this moment we can actually move towards some type of resolution right. We can fix this problem. I am not convinced that any of these problems cannot be fixed. I wouldn't be having this conversation the station if I believe that we just go down as PAP and there's nothing we can do. I believe that we should take these detour signs we should learn from past mistakes. Learn from our history acknowledged a history. Right not talking about not gonNa Make History Galway so this acknowledge the history that many police departments have had as far as relationships with the black community. The Gay community other unions besides the police so understand this history and that way we can make and build a better world for tomorrow so I hope that that clarifies clarifies my stance on. I'm sure that my guest stance as well. We're not advocating violence advocating that frustrated officers of any strike of any ethnic background. Take up arms and start killing innocent civilians Or Star Star killing their coworkers. I'm not advocating that. He wasn't advocating for that. Nobody wants that in any way shape form of Paseo we want is dialog. We want justice we want equality in the rank and file of the police department and then that equality that center justice I would then be emulated on the street when the officer is then dealing with the public. That's all we're asking for so that's it ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for tuning in until next time the listen. I say it all the time when I'm not just talking when I say this right me back on the email. CPT L. Hunter at rate. The episode assode right the podcast subscribe to share on email share facebook. 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So that's it for now ladies and gentlemen until next time. Thanks for tuning in. Take care much. Love and peace.

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