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Your family and your friends are. Your teammates and, for me it was, really special, you know being there for so many years and so many good years and having the opportunity to play with so many great players along. The way That and I got inducted with Derek Lowe and Mike law teammates mind that we want World Series four no seven and I I was. Truly humbled and the whole thing and a lot of ways to because I just I never think of myself in that light I just play the game as far as I could and try to get as many surgeries, as, possible, the end You know I wanted to ask on this because obviously playing in Boston and. And you know the the curse was lifted when you were there you went to. Titles and, then you're in Chicago they win title and you see the difference in fan after the title was one and it almost the greed of wanting to? Go after and I asked that because of the giant fans wanting. More or wanting, to, rebuild I mean can you kind of go into it. A little bit what you think as far. As where is that threshold for a team, to maybe look at let's break this all the way down and build it back up but. I mean look there's only one THEO Epstein and he's he's in Chicago he's not here what we're where's. That threshold Yeah it's, it's, it's an interesting dynamic right in baseball and I think. We're seeing it. More now than ever and Especially because Houston and Chicago the way they did it a losing so many games you know. Like hey let's just finish lose one. Hundred games every year and just rebuild this whole. Thing from the ground out and it worked for both those teams now that doesn't work for everyone. Because, it's hard I mean it's hard to build a team. From the ground. Up and you have. To get lucky yeah you're gonna have to get a, couple of young stud, there's draft in there's a, couple guys you signed. For great deals that last and they're cheap and then you. Know you can afford, their sign a big free agent I think we're seeing a lot of teams kind of the that's where. I, mean some. People say they just throw in the, towel before the season and some of these records are awful But, you know it's hard I, mean the hard thing with the giants to they have, great fan, base, right, in the winning for so many years and they got they got a lot of money you know they got a lot of money to spend. So you it's different when you're in Houston and. In Chicago where you can kind of played off a little bit more but with the giants it's. Because, they do have that luxury of spending money and they. Have a fan. Base that's every night. Pumping money into the franchise Kevin youkilis good enough to, join us talking to, baseball let's talk some beer, house things are Loma..

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