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Time on hey. Off a busy day on the show starting with reaction to Amy clover sharks. Big Sunday announcement of some thoughts, and I want to hear your opinions as well later in the show. I'll ask the question. What does it mean to be an American today? And how was that changed over generations? I've got a great guest on that an offer joining me at eleven thirty five. Korea blah, weekdays nine to noon. News talk eight three O W C C. Partly cloudy skies. Ten degrees below zero at six thirty. I'm Al shock WBZ news. Here are the stories trending this hour. President Trump has announced that he will meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN in Hanoi. At the end of the month. This comes as a US special Representative for North Korea just spent three days in that country. Reporter Don Kirk has more from Seoul on the visit by Stephan beacon, one great issue is whether or not President Trump and Kim Jong UN can agree on an end of war declaration that the North Koreans very much want as do the South Koreans. However, the American see this as an effort on North Korea's part to come up with demands for draw hall of twenty eight thousand five hundred US troops still in South Korea. And even closure of American basis. Congressional bargainers reportedly are working toward a border security deal amid indications at the White House was preparing to accept the BI partisan agreement the deal on the table. Able would give President Trump a fraction of the money. He's demanded for his proposed southern border wall. A second woman accused Richard Virginia Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault saying the democrat raped her nineteen years ago while they were both students at Duke University. A lawyer representing thirty nine year old Meredith Watson issued a statement Friday alleging that Fairfax had Carrie dout premeditated and aggressive attack in the year. Two thousand activists on both sides of the abortion debate are reacting cautiously to a five four supreme court ruling that blocked Louisiana from enforcing new abortion regulations. The agree that the crucial test of the court stance are still to come a blind date for two Tigers goes terribly wrong in a London zoo. CBS's Larry Miller reports London zoo thought it would be the match made in heaven winter brought over a seem a male Sumatran tiger to mate with long-term resident Malati Sumatran Tigers are an endangered species and hopes were high arriving at the zoo in the last few days. I seen was descr. Arrived as a handsome confident cap known for being very affectionate. However from there, it was all downhill after being introduced, tension and aggression escalated into a violent fight and melodic was killed the zoo says it's trying to get us through this very difficult time. Larry Miller CBS news London. Three hip. Hop stars robbery performance slots at tomorrow's Grammy awards awards banquet. But the producer says they all turn them down. We get more from CBS news. Correspondent Pat piper. Three of hip Hobbs. Biggest stars rejected offers to perform them music's biggest night. Grammys producer can Erlich says Drake. Aslam?.

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