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You can't fire me. I quit okay, but she also addresses him down in front of the whole, and then he he comes after her, and he's like no one's ever done that before. This is crooked. I'm sorry, no business, give me a fourth character update where it's like, and that makes him behave normally like. It's clearly just the thing of like. Well now we need to start getting to the end so I guess he's going to be a human being again. We pause the movie and you go wait. Their fifteen minutes left. But the weird thing also is. They had sort of established that he was a nice guy. Beforehand right and it was and it was. Like this movie could have worked if he was a sad sack the whole time who so insecure that it makes him an Asshole, but he's just an insecure sad thing. Hollywood daring you to become an asshole. That's almost something every time he pulls away from assholes behavior. He goes to Schwartzman he's. Are you sure? Are you sure this feels unnatural? And that movie also would necessitate a list that Jason Schwartzman's character is Satan himself. He's long been waged a war with the witches, like which is the only way this movie makes sense which they sort of. At the end tiny. Tiny bit tiny that they make a joke about it like. Oh, but then it's like another montage after we've seen this montage of them falling in love that is Ferrell. Saying I'm going to stay overnight on the set with you and I'm going to teach you everything I know about eating a comedic. Even though she was being great before she was getting great ratings, she could deliver a funny line. She had no problem being ignited actor. She has was naturally pretty good. But he teaches her fiscal comedy. He's totally selfless and collaborative and hard working. We need to be a team. This is a show about a marriage. And then they kiss now they have the actual I kiss. It's bullshit. They have no mystery. Then, then it's like norris like all right. Time to bring in the ex wife. Let's do ten minutes of this. Oh, no, it's! It's! It's nonsense. She almost kills the ex wife with a light to rewind. There's another rewind and then manipulates her brain into making her move to vic. The also crazy thing you're saying you posit this point near fifty movies. Fifty minutes of this movie left. What finally after all of these ARCS and turns has established like they like each other now they have. This cast their together. She hasn't told him that she's a witch yet. We need to get to that, but that is the opening credit that's like the opening narration of the original bewitched like that had to be grimace of Belichick guidelines post relationship. that. She's a witch and the movie takes an hour to walking. Dead there. More an hour ten i. think something like that. That's an interesting. She's a witch. It has the clippers span line. This is all in the trailer of the movie, right? It makes it seem like this is the first thirty minutes of. Magic powers, and he lets out a big will ferrell screen probably the biggest laugh at the movie just because he's good at those, but just again I'm sorry, but the Katie Finneran scene is the first time we find out. It's only been a pilot because he says. Why are you coming around again? Did you hear that the shows probably going to get picked up? And you go to hung up on the pile of thing, it's not. Picked up yet. That's what's crazy. They didn't have a series order. It's not even that it's. It's beyond. That feels like at this point. The.

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