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In Houston Houston one three times in the C. four to one eight to one last night seven the one your now president Carlos Correa would do on numbers off Joe Ross and got the emergency star went back surgery go to the next president of the national grid Gerrit Cole in game one but they couldn't really touch him last night and now AJ hinges Astros can win the World Series in Houston tomorrow I think we were just able to quickly play baseball work when the club house we have a close knit group we've dealt with a lot in general over the year even though the paper the season looks like this man six twenty months franchise record number when still had to fight through a few things in a different world the nationals are open Stephen Strasburg get a fast just inverter lander tomorrow Berliner's career World Series records oh one five and then maybe there are some good teams in the NFC lead by the forty Niners seven oh it took like twenty four point lead on Caroline and then finished on a twenty four not the run fifty one to thirteen Niners scored ten or more points in all four corners Tevin Coleman scored three times and the Tampa for game win streak the Niners seven oh attackers are seven one Aaron Rodgers two fourth quarter TD passes and at thirty one twenty four when a Kansas city big night for Erin Jones sixty seven yards rushing off hundred and fifty nine receiving the three also seven one six three when they got drew Brees back after missing five games in one thirty four of forty three three hundred seventy three yards three touchdowns same to over five hundred yards of offense twenty eight first downs thirty one to nine over Arizona came in having won three straight and Seattle is six and two three touchdowns in the second quarter lead twenty four nothing and I'm not in Atlanta twenty seven to twenty that's about six straight losses in BC what what makes Mike Florio the experience here about two five Florio on NBC sports radio Monday edition pro football talk live week eight almost entirely done you know your football fan if you watch Steelers dolphins would we get you know you're a degenerate gambler your true football fan tonight is the test you want your football card you earn it tonight you get to keep it set like the PGA tour card you watch tonight's game you get your football card you get it in grave embossed laminated dolphins at the Steelers I'll watch it I just like the excuse to chill on a Monday night hang out with friends and family it'll pizza trickle whiskey drill Scotch with Aaron Rodgers win or lose and does smoke a cigar if the mood is right and it almost always is the mood is right on Sunday for plenty of intriguing football and speaking of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers a happy Scotch not a sad Scotch consumed by Aaron Rodgers when he got back to Green Bay last night the Packers beat the chiefs thirty one to twenty four for the first time since November for two thousand seven the Packers win at arrowhead stadium now that sounds like a long time they play there once every eight years so I you know that it's it's it's not like it's not like they've been chipping away at this thing for decades but still it's always a big deal to win at arrowhead although not as big of a deal this year as it used to be because now the chiefs after winning their home opener against the ravens week three have lost three in a row at home to the colts to the Texans and now the Packers two of them in prime time on Sunday night football I was petrified last night when we locked in our picks because I thought a couple guys we're gonna take the chiefs I thought Tony Dungy right here so we can take the cheese for the change of mind the Packers we have that long graphic everybody was on the Packers three weeks earlier when I was called to text it cheese everybody was on the the chiefs to be the call to the colts one thing and here we go again we all pick the chiefs in the colts one now we all put the Packers in the chiefs are gonna win look for a while like that she's going to pull it off with Matt Moore Hey Matt more respectable showing twenty four of thirty six two hundred sixty seven yards two touchdowns no picks one oh seven point one passer rating you know a passer rating of a hundred more used to be a big deal it's not any more it's like ninety was like well that guys playing pretty well now if your ninety your bottom of the pack but she's still got it done offensively three hundred thirty seven yards five point eight yards per play six for eleven on third down but it was not enough to overcome Aaron Rodgers twenty two of thirty three three hundred five yards three touchdowns no picks and a passer rating of one twenty nine now will that be enough to overcome Kirk cousins for offenses player of the month in the NFC Aaron Rodgers had to okay games where he played really well but the stats didn't show it he had a spectacular game for the ages last Sunday against the raiders and last night pretty strong showing I think comes down to Rogers and cousins for the NFC offense of player of the month that's something that presumably will be awarded Thursday or Friday of this week it's meaningless but but trust me they they all they all pay attention they're all their competitive about everything anytime anything is decided subjectively are objectively there's competition there and Aaron Rodgers rose to the level of competition last night got it done the chiefs didn't have Patrick my homes didn't have Frank Clark didn't have cornerback Kendall fuller didn't have left tackle Eric Fisher with the growing he's been out for a long time didn't have Chris Jones the groin injury he's been out for several weeks now and the chiefs almost got it done great job by the Packers grinding out the clock at the end of the game great job by Aaron Rodgers doing Aaron Rodgers things and the Green Bay Packers hold out that she's not a Packers they are seven one there seven one six or seven one forty nine is a seven and now Vikings and Seahawks are six in two rams are five and three look at look at the end of C. you get the cowboys at four three the eagles F. foreign for you've got Packers and Vikings both well above five hundred you've got the saints ridiculously about five hundred you've got the forty Niners and the Seahawks that is eight teams seven teams six are getting in I will never ever forget the rest get eight quality teams and six again and what a game of musical chairs and then there are to beat the hell out of each other in the NFC playoffs we have half of the season to go and maybe a little bit more than half for some of the teams in the NFC we're starting to get that separation but not nearly enough separation have an idea whose get in who's getting out there is very little margin for error in the NFC the Packers could slip out of it quickly the way they've been playing the remember was their defense the Kerry them early in the year as the offense was getting its sea legs and now the offense is great in the defense not as great as it was not nearly as great as it was we lock into narratives in September and we refused to let them go because you know we spent the time coming up with them so god for bid we change our minds its backers defense not nearly the unit that was not taken a look at the Packers schedule coming up they go to play the LA Chargers I II Lambeau field west can you imagine what's going to be the percentage of Packers fans eighty percent eighty five ninety Hey the Chargers somehow won a game on Sunday it won't matter then the Packers have the Panthers their bye week a late week eleven by at the forty Niners week twelve sign me up for that one at the giants week thirteen Washington the bears out the Vikings in at the lines I think the package is gonna be thirteen and three I figured maybe twelve in for maybe twelve before they finish with two road games in the division they've typically struggle at Minnesota and the lions the who knows what the lines are going to be no the lions even though they got a win yesterday they're the they're they're just there to many of the good teams in a city so half the season we played Packers looking great she Sir now in trouble but she said the Vikings coming to town this week compatible Holmes told Michelle to four year of NBC before the game that if last night's contest against the Packers had been a playoff game he would play well it's kind of a playoff game this week it's kind of an important game you for five and four say goodbye to the bye week or look at you you the it's it's gonna be a lot harder to get a buy because the ravens are five into the culture now five and three and they hold the tiebreaker by virtue of the win at arrowhead stadium it is amazing the chiefs are unbeaten away from home and one and three at arrowhead stadium they have one at Jacksonville they won at Oakland they won at Detroit they won at Denver in convincing fashion and they have now lost three in a row at home and as the Vikings in six days at the Titans at the Chargers then the bye week Ian Rapoport had kind of a I don't know I don't wanna say confusing there's something about Patrick homes knee it's unusual that's allowed to heal quickly double jointed would be the late term for his knee and minimal ligament damage was done as the knee popped out pop back in I think you could look at that and say he's also got a need to susceptible to this location because it wasn't some Zarb awkward hit it because that need to swap out slip out pop out slop out see what kind of a new words all time hang around since too much it wasn't an awkward hit the cause that need a slop out I wonder if he'll be back on Sunday make he wants to play whether or not they lead imply I think what happened on Friday was at some point there was a growing up in the room that said we can't do this this is our guy for the next fifteen years we can't let him play this is reckless because even if something happens that would have happened anyway if he was a hundred percent it's going to be a horrendous look if this guy ends up getting injured again because everyone's going to say he came back too soon and we're gonna look like idiots if we lose him for the rest of the year and if it's some sort of an injury that impacts as preparation for twenty twenty somebody stood up and said we just can't do this we can't and now the question becomes whether or not they can in six days when the Vikings come to town and maybe they can beat the Vikings without Patrick my humps maybe they can defense gonna have to do a little bit better though because you the key to beating the Vikings is shutting down the run shut down the run for Kirk cousins to beach you without the benefit of play action or the extra attention you would be devoting to stopping Dalvin cook that is the key and I don't think the chiefs are gonna be able to do that I think the Vikings offense will be collecting which means it could be a long day again for the cheese if they would lose this one that everyone and for at home that is unthinkable although it may be reality we may be talking about it a week from today maybe the first thing we're talking about now you know what a week from today the first thing we're talking about is the aftermath of a showdown in the AFC between the New England Patriots in the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night football will be talking about the patriots coming up later in the program though when we return we're gonna be talking about one of the other great teams in the NFC before we break the letter reminded pitch eleven NBC sports writers brought you by State Farm talk to an agent today at one eight hundred State Farm or by visiting State Farm.

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