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That it is belief that brought them to this place but it is also belief that brings them out it is the contradictions that parker see and the moments in time when the islamic state those not live up to its theological message that finally propels people like say to leave the australian good so right right as he's sitting with these doubts he says his buddy muneeb walks in when he was young lake metoo muneeb was indices training courses are until he was not a guy l on your he was really chill guy and i miss him so much right now and he feels comfortable enough to share with him the doubts that he's feeling what did you tell him only doesn't like new i i don't feel comfortable with killing her that tell him about my family history how i'm not that type of guy you know if i die after doing something like this will how if god no and it's just making me feel really sick and he'd show that he'd tell me about himself and everything's how he has his doubts he was more of a garly but i've really did leave everything behind so i can't go back and he was the one who gave me the idea that you could possibly go back good run from just leave i can't go back because he had problems but you will your family loves you that are that i could go back i have somewhere to go back to.

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