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Like i like i very rarely play together and i. It's hard for us to think of any duos in historically that. Combine those two and the whole band. That's what they do. But we'd created tried to create a tapestry and we we we have two different techniques but we both ripple so when we get our rippling to line up together it just works and the registers is a great help to keep it from all sound the same but also having something that's not rippling on top of that is very completing. An abbey's voice sings out over the top of those sixteenth notes sixteenth notes. The way a banjo which doesn't have much to stain creates the impression of sustained by repeating notes hitting open strings keeping things ringing and you can really feel like there's a sustained in a soulful long note but there's nothing like having a long held note at the top of it and that's why fiddle and banjo works so great but vocals and banjo fantastic. But it's kind of unusual isn't it. It's not easy singing and banjo now. Because i think the way you guys do it now well. I think it's personal to us the way the way that we're doing it as a duo just a banjo duo with is unique. Okay but in old time music in particular. Which is the tradition. That i've been learning a lot from is actually in an all girl old time string band and there are so many women out there playing old-timey timey banjo. I mean you have to be in a certain strange limited colt people to actually enjoy. This trance-like repetitive music. However if you are in it you do know that there are a lot of women that sit and play. The banjo and seeing singleton's is starting to happen now and what i saw happening with. Abbey's music is you know when you think about a singer. Songwriter plays the piano. Billy plays the guitar james taylor. They write their songs built around the where the plane that instruments they open their mouth and utter sound right. But it's hard to think of people that write songs on the band playing the banjo weather composing their songs. And so i think that's when abby writes her own songs. I hear that contemporary that voice up today connected to the the tradition that she loves but in songs that are about her experience than that. Have a different tonality..

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