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I'm Billy Cunningham, the great American welcome and so many issues are going on with Chris Cuomo and news nation. They're about the only cable channel gaining in the ratings. But watch him almost every night and last night I watched a course to get ready for all the issues today tomorrow and over the weekend and also into next week. Chris Cuomo, I want to get right to it. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham. So can I make an opening statement? Go ahead, knock yourself out. I feel as if we're blessed to live an interesting times, but there are things happening right now that makes the American heart and soul become unsettled. I watch your coverage about the fentanyl what's happening on the southern border. It's nothing short of an invasion that's killing tens of thousands of Americans every year and it goes on at infinitum for the last several years now it's accelerating. You got Chinese so called weather balloons just happen to be floating over Montana. I'd put the duttons in charge, I'd get the Yellowstone ranch rip would solve this problem in a heartbeat. I look at our budget deficits and problems in the accumulated debt of $31.4 trillion. And I would note that this year, the federal government is going to collect from we taxpayers, Chris Cuomo, about $4.4 trillion, which is the exact budget number from 2019, which is 4.4 trillion, so to have a balanced budget all we got to do is spend what was spent in 2019 and that we have a president who is mentally frail, who may belong in assisted living, not capable, I think, of responding himself those around him manipulate what goes on. We have the issues everywhere I look, we got Russia now, supposedly I watched your coverage of news nation. There might be as many as 500,000 conscripts about to complete the invasion of Ukraine, which is going to be massive loss of life, God knows what's going to happen. I look at all these issues and I think about a fine lawyer supposedly Murdoch, who's seemingly was stealing money from clients, probably killed his wife and son may not be able to prove it, who knows. So in all that happening, Chris Cuomo, I sense America is rudderless. We don't know, we don't have leadership, especially out of Washington, and when the Chinese show us such disrespect, I can imagine this balloon floating around the illusion islands just happen to park itself over the ICBM fields in Montana just by happenstance. On the southern border, terrible things are going on. A poet once said, may you be blessed to live an interesting times? I find these times a bit too interesting. And so pick one or two of those things, especially on the southern border that could be stopped, and it's not stopped. Chris Cuomo, how much trouble are we in? I think you should move. I think the great American Cunningham should move. To win the question becomes, where would you rather live? Where would you rather live? Answer me that question. Oh, I thought about going to Madagascar and breed Komodo dragons for a living. I thought, okay, I'll go off the coast of Africa, get out of a completely, but then look at the way those individuals live. I want no part of it. I want no part of Central America. I want no part of South America. I want no part of Russia. So there's nowhere else you'd rather, right? No, no, this is it, man. Okay. Then change your attitude. America's always in trouble until you compare it to anywhere else, okay? And let's strip the politics out of it because you would have never said any of the things you just said now about the last administration, although they could just as easily be set. You want to talk about incompetent leadership, America is the worst place in the world until you compare it to anywhere else. We have our struggles. We have our challenges, but we have opportunities to do better. And I'm telling you, you've got to believe me on this. If we could get away from this party system in this two party game, things would become so much more reasonable. When you talk to the American public about what matters to them. Let's even look at the southern border. Do people think that we need to be safer there? Yes. Do people think that dreamers are obviously citizens like the rest of us? Yes. Do they believe that you should be able to lead asylum to get into the country, but you should have to do it from somewhere else unless you're in extremists, being chased for your life. Yes. So if it's 80% of us agree on these things, how come none of them get done. Now, that takes us to the real problem. I don't deal with the distraction of a Chinese weather. Balloon. Okay. I don't care about the weather balloon. I don't care about UFOs. I care about fentanyl. I care about a government that sees more leverage in problems than solutions. And I hate that the country gets played this way. And I see fentanyl. People keep saying, man, you covering it. A lot. I'm afraid for my kids. Right, Bill. And now people will say they'll get puritanical and say, well, your kids shouldn't smoke marijuana. Your kids shouldn't play with drugs. Okay, now welcome to reality. I'm not saying my kids are junkies. But if you don't think that a

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