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Pony plays a short of the green dishonest great huge after roy that's aren't third day here today that had a lot of pays for it hit the flagstick ted on worry mad roy now a leader the two thousand eighteen masters with a whole album here at the masters on westwood one i think that was mark carnival at the call there he's gonna join me at noon eastern talk about the final day of the masters find out if he thinks patrick reid will win the green jacket rory mcilroy this is all that's left for him this is a big day for mcelroy's legacy big day just look at the list the career grand slam winners shorter than i thought that was not it's not a trivia question that i would get right who are the golfers to win the career grand slam there are five i would not have gotten that one right you can get jack nicklaus tiger woods there's too the two obvious ones the next three are tough ben hogan gary player gene sarazen nicholson doesn't have the us open arnold palmer doesn't have the pga championship tom watson doesn't have the pga championship sam snead doesn't have a us open so this is all that saluting mcelroy now he would join that club of five i think and we'll talk to carnival about this i think it's to golf tournament i think we're coming down to two guys and we'll get his take on things coming up soon all morning we've been talking about the biggest or maybe most famous athlete in the world close i know there are soccer players like cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi lebron james who would have an argument but quite possibly arguably the most well known athletes in the world tiger woods at the biggest golf tournament in the world the masters and how this was supposed to be a master sunday with tiger woods in contention it's not we have heard a lot of silver linings people today a lot of who want to say that there are positives.

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