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The win belgium done fool around belgium doesn't do that bell jack believes that he can manage the guys and get them ready he wants them the key play and he's willing to roll the dice he believes yeah football is a collision sport some news i'm wjr most time you don't we're not going to run away from playing football that we do for a living we play football and we're going to play football week number 17 so bell jacks already declared an needed need to declare 'cause he's always handled the same way he plays his guys he doesn't look to rest guys pittsburgh is leaving an openended the rams have actually come out and said even though yes we could fall from number three to know number four we're gonna russ our guys is jarred god set a great season need not plan i'm not taking a chance at he gets hurt sean manion needs to lead me in the playoffs no todd girl he's got a chance to win the mvp bright now if you don't dad the vote before week seventeen tied girlie would get my boat it very close between ian brady and by the way carson went should still be in the mix some people just dismissing carson went because he's missed these he's going to miss last three games of the season with injury go back and look what he did he still leads the national football league of dirt in touchdown pass with thirty three and he hadn't played for two weeks so went should be in the conversation i don't think he's going to win but he should be in the conversation he's talentad girlie yeah you don't need not 100yard game now you may be you get it done none of mvp somewhere down the road this cynics are saying and i can't tell them that they're wrong i can just tell them i don't necessarily agree they could be right um the the actually tank in the game that they want to finish in the fourth seed rather than the three seed because if they win wildcard weekend none of foresee would play the 1 seed rather than into to cede so the rams of making a judgment call as to whether wanted they wanna play filadelfia in philadelphia with cartoon went out and nick walls of quarterback rather than going into minnesota and playing the vikings under their dome the.

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