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And after he did that he figured out ways of beating back a rat and came up with a wearable computer and figured out after beat rolette roulette and by that point las vegas and reno wanted nothing to do with him and he took turned his attention towards the next challenge similar to gambling and it turned out that was investing in finance and wall street and the book after that became beat the market course edward figured out how to do things in a way that created substantial substantial returns i could talk about his curriculum vitae forever let me just add phd in mathematics taught at mit in new mexico and university california irvine at would thorpe welcome to bloomberg and thank you for hosting us in your office expert support umw here i'm i'm thrilled to be here i'm going to start with some quotes of yours and just have you uh respond them and some of these from beat the dealer chan's can be thought of as the cards you're dealt in life choices how you play them that's a pretty deep philosophical perspective tell us how you came to that well if you look back at your own life you probably have a number of circumstances were you could make an important choice one way or another and the way you made that choice had a big effect the woman you're married if if you'd fact did get married in uh the children that you brought up in how you brought them up the crew chosen life the lot of big choices that you make at some point or other and then there are things that you can't control light or your parents were and what kind of economic circumstances you were brought up in a where you where he started you start twenty yards behind these star liner.

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