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Of the owners management employers and to advertisers of wcbs but they should be famous story about the the secretary of state in the truman administration was asked by a reporter may maybe somebody like you how how how is it that the atchison and president truman had such a good working relationship and actress and said basically because neither the president nor i ever forgot who was president john bolton national security adviser again martha maccallum on the story of mccollum he's saying basically the i think read between the lines there have been people in this mistake early on when some of the swamp dwellers under the president put in place as transitions a who actually forgot who was president and who was not and decided that they were the big dog in the room and i think that when you're actually going to the room where there's an actual big dog you find out your behaviors l advise this in from sherman he says a this email the bruce if you keep harping about trump ladies people go to bring in the next group with new levels of experience the reality is that his turnover as detrimental and adds the unstable nature of his administration of course the most unstable element is trump himself keep on apologizing for him i'm not polishing for him giving you my observations as to exactly how i think this is actually working is that stable at certainly more unstable than some of the nation's we've seen the past however that instability i has not seemed to damage this president nor has it seemed to significantly slow many of the priorities he set when he became president so if if simply having the same people in place during the same thing that every previous administration has done over and over and over and over again if that is what is desired i think that we're going to be disappointed with this particular administration on the other hand if you look at this through the lens of what this guy's personal history isn't make sense of it from that point of view i'm not harping on anything saying this is what i believe is going on it's the same thing with his attorney by the way it's personal attorney joe.

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