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Yeah drew barrymore taught me that she likes to match her lip to her cheek and i also really liked to match my lip tomatillo so i like my cheek area like high so i'm young and then whatever i use on my lip i just dab a couple of dots on my cheek and blended in what if you're doing like a purple lit i would i won't do that okay you're saying if you stay in the red pink mauve which is like this is you've got my everyday make up there this isn't my like look up i didn't put any of my fun i shot it was her lips in there really usually like my my the lips i tend to do i have like tomato red i have like a red red and i have like a sort of like crimson that are like my standard lips i'm right try that that's really interesting looks cute and it feels like it i think that like blush is supposed to be like your natural sex flush is like you know like if you just had a session with a wurley dick yes i just wanted to get back again to have it said this episode yet buco con the new cookie bukowski boo boo boo cocky hookah k we'll book cocky wherever he make oh match them i'll work on that for next get it what's the lift i got in korea that i really love it's a gel stain that's very it's all the rage in korea they're doing a thing where they put it darker in the middle of the lip and then later on the outside that goes on and it looks like a cool gel lip a shiny lip and it's fades into a really beautiful stained and i love it is it the one where you peel it off.

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