Barack Obama, North Korea, Donald Trump discussed on 1A - Friday News Roundup


I think that's typical president trump style he has been blaming president obama for our own not just to add vis staff but other cases as well i think he's trying to deflect blame from has administration and we're also seeing is different signals from the administration from the defense department from the secretary of state and from the white house on north korea you see these signals also you know this mic signalling also in the middle east so this is i think has become a defining trend for this administration either to blame of president obama or to our sent mixed signals to of allies and foes alike president trump also tweeted this week quote while i greatly appreciate the efforts of president she the president of china and china to help with north korea it has not worked out at least i know china tried unquote now that tweet came just a few hours before the us and china were set to meet here in washington this week to talk about north korea michael goldfarb do you think this impacted the negotiations at all it's really hard to say a eat there's so many ways to to interpret the last bit of that tweet i know you really tried right could be threatening i know you try or could just be noah sincere way of saying look i i know you tried and we have these other talks in that's more important i think the the question that lies out there with this tragedy is is is this going to accelerate any contemplation of some kind of action against north korea which remains essentially a vassal state of china anyway and in one one hopes that they're still lines of communication going on with china about how to deal with this problematic regime and michael when you see a vassal state you're talking about the deep economic ties basically north resume end exactly show is an end you know i.

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