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Come on well i don't understand about that people with that much money you don't need to borrow one hundred thirty thousand dollars were you filthy rich is those guys a hundred and thirty two thousand one hundred thirty dollars per normal if that i i was telling my wife that the other day she said about one hundred and thirty thousand i said do you realize at someone like donald trump or his attorney a hundred and thirty thousand dollars is like we tip someone five or ten bucks it's not that great absolutely correct bob and i feel bad that the public they're just not registering the public really believe to do with politics we live in a right and wrong world white is ball joseph i appreciate you phony now okay you have a good bit youtube let's go to mike and mike thank you for calling wwl hey good afternoon last caller kinda stole my thunder a little bit about kind of the ideology of a believing that the guy would take out a home equity loan and then leave a paper trail i mean it just doesn't make sense and like you said that all your wouldn't have that kind of money the obvious that's in that's kind of almost in front of their face like you said that you know the use common sense that this lawyer would have to take out a loan i mean it's just politics and and and people who want to believe that trump thereafter trump are going to believe what they wanna see regardless of the facts well i'm not sure i would think that the majority of people or at least a majority of people that that i talked to him i've gotten some messages sometime telling me that i'm stupid and things like that because i've made the statement that what he has done or what he does in his private life i don't care as long as it is our country is running the way it should is as long as you know we're working on doing something with the homeless and and getting getting taxes at auburn and letting senior citizens be able to buy the medicine of all that is going on i don't care what he does it is.

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