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I bought issue reid he'd up when he comes to work at a dumping them it is funny that's great that's great how old my car and there than all the money on last night at 11 am district of object gan of waiting for the end become all right well good luck with that rene edge see the thing is in colorado you can pretty much do whatever you watt these days apparently they're sir very gov if you're going to be at the end of the world it ugh colorado's the place to be let's go to mike in west virginia mike you're up next on coasting a man the man you get the best show on wdbo radio period uh mike due to bad okay which undermined mike okay i got a couple of course that level that area i would medic promote ears in in we work co in you know get there in people compound bill cpr on people's you down we work co well it'll go all the way back well a couple gay deputy it would go with the patient in a room in the war questionable but i ask what do you see you okay what about everybody that i've ever air at old navy ally right now fouled biggest ally in there but one thing you what is your belief do you really believe victory i mean you really believe i i don't mean of course i do i've seen them at your without no i want to believe will you know i'm a really good don't bring iraq there are thought credit law bright note inter alia one uk he deported friday natal on right right right well all of that is that that is somebody's own experience mike bunches let me say this if you ask me do i think aliens exist i don't think i know i know i've seen i've seen the crazy he is stuff that you can imagine i've talked about it enough i'd coast to coast to my other show fade the black talk about an live tv radio i i.

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