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Very careful story of American foreign policy. The last hundred years when America becomes the light to Europe. But Europe doesn't want to light in nineteen eighteen nineteen nineteen. Maybe it didn't even want it at forty five. We can hear the foreshadowing of all the catastrophes of the rest of the century right now the Russians are in revolution. Therefore, not even present in Paris. The Italians and the ink and the French and the English all want to expand their empires pickoff cities from the remains of the Ottoman empire that sided with the Germans and the Ostra hanger Hungary, empire that disintegrated into Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia states that we've seen break-up in the latter part of the twentieth century. However, that's their Wilson gets on George Washington and sales home to congress. And one night. Colonel house has the reception for thirty two members of congress, including Senator lodge of Massachusetts. The presentation is about what has been going on in the peace conference in Paris. But at the center of it is the league of nations Scott the league of nations lodge is against it right away. Does wilson. No this. Well, he he senses that he doesn't know the full extent of largest opposition. And it's something to be honest. I found doing my research, and I found it in the papers of Franklin Roosevelt, some papers that really hadn't been examined. And in them Roosevelt who is Wilson's under secretary of the navy would later impart that while Wilson was still over in Paris. Many Republicans were holding secret meetings in his absence often at Franklin cousin's house Alice Roosevelt, Longworth the daughter of teddy Roosevelt, and at these meetings. They came up with a policy in which. They decided that whatever Woodrow Wilson brought back from Paris. They would be against. So Wilson did not know that he came.

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