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That the problem is that the notice that they sent out to the ratepayers about this settlement left out a critical sacked which was a transfer two hundred and forty two million dollars was approved and moving forward and in to actually occurred during the period that the re tears had to consider whether they wanted to opt out of the settlement so there's that they're being told hey fifty two million dollars plus you know we're not gonna charge you and other you know two hundred forty three million going forward but we're not gonna tell you put it in forty two million dollar transfer we know is in the works it's kind of like had to give up their right they have to give up their right to but they were not told of this very material facts that if they known it maybe a lot more people would have opted out of settlement it's kind of like you know uh being told that um you need to give up new sign on the dotted line here and give all your rights to sue for bodily harm in a car accident when the person getting you to sign knows that later tomorrow there's going to be uh you know a van driving through the window of your dining room that's basically once they get this this is this other two hundred forty two million dollar payment isn't that illegal tudo it is a totally illegal callaway disick they greet to a settlement to cover the old illegal tax and then they're committee another they didn't cover all of it because basically twenty 10minute collected about a couple of billion dollars so basically they kind of isolated this wasn't you know i it was uh isolated amount they're not all the money back some twenty two when he's out no no no i don't understand what's the point of this loss dan well that's a really good question uh the lawsuit uh did not make a determined that judging in the case not make a determination about the actual reality should of this transfer so should says it's take thing because it paula political i get the political machine and expediency and you know the city is the you know uh the city walker look i mean obviously the you know the.

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