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The news on Kemba Walker not good if you're a Celtics fan or if you're Kemba Walker or anybody who cares about the Celtics John's anise alongside Bobby Manning here on the garden report presented by manscaped 20% off shipping with the code garden and now Bobby again, we got the email today from the Celtics sent out to the media. Kemba Walker's the status of his knee. He's going to be off 12 weeks from the point of having an injection a stem cell injection into his knee and and everything we've read and I've talked to I've talked to a couple of doctors in orthopaedists about this situation. This is obviously not a great sign for Kevin not only for this year, but potentially for his career and and and a Celtic future going forward. Yeah, and it's off guard all year. We're going on a year talking about this thing now he missed the first game with this knee soreness in late January last year at February twenty started missing games and then after four months off, it's still dead. June so this hasn't gone away at all. And I remember when we first started talking about this over the summer when we first started doing the show John we were concerned for the long-term. And now I think this week essential steals the fact that the rest of Kemba Walker Celtics career is going to be defined by rest management time off and simply trying to get the best of a lot of them at this point. It feels like Thursdays of being able to play more than let's say, I don't know sixty to sixty four games an 82-game year over like he's going to need to be heavily manage. You're just going to have to get the best of him come playoff time in the spirits that you have them because that knee after three surgeries with this onset of arthritis as it seems as coming on I'll let you handle the medical portion doctors and us off. This isn't good. This isn't good at all and it comes right back to what we were talking about over the offseason when the rumors were spraying that they were trying to get rid of them. Yeah, so they're stuck with them though. Yeah, and again, this is dead. Not to go all WebMD on anybody but everybody's immediately..

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