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That what would that signal do you think that you know this id of the mission returns might actually make them wanna spread out a little more these future installments i think will definitely consider that but also consider this what happened with force awakens set in unimaginable bar because it was a once in a generation wasn't time event we had this movie that people were have been waiting for there was such a pentup desire and that's how a movie that cran make two billion dollars and going crazy it was i was there an opening night just with crowds and seeing that kind of reaction and you can expect that every time like stoler will still have a strong opening but if you're going to compare it to force awakens and stuff where there was such anticipation you can't compare them because it's it's we're now in a different that were in the post star wars era where stores is a yearly occurrence they're developing tv show is live action tv shows just wonder if they're beating the death you know like and i wonder as diehard fan yourself to you feel that in any way the sacrilegious to just be milking it for all you can tell it's basically dry the same thing could be asked about the marvel universe is a sacrifice to make all these movies and you know people were talking superhero fatigue and part of the answer is there can be fatigue but if you make good movies than the fatigue doesn't matter you know bright now marvel is on such a role with like thoracic narok and and black panther inventors and finnity war no one's talking about fatigue right now these movies are making like a billion dollars almost or more depend on which movie and people are loving loving all of them they can't wait for more and they want the characters and it's like this fan fervor so the you have to find a way to balance that and you have to find a way to make good movies and film firing directors has.

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Cran, Two Billion Dollars, Billion Dollars discussed on Awards Chatter

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