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30 minutes Here on Chicago's College tailgate. We get a Chicago's college delegate scoreboard update The CCT scoreboard on ESPN 1000 years. Tyler. Rocky Alright, Oregon back on top now over Ohio State's CJ Verdell with another touchdown. They've got 14 7 lead. Auburn taken care of Alabama State 20 to nothing right now. Florida with an early touchdown over South Florida, But the Bulls just put a field goal on the board, so it is now 73. Florida with the edge over South Florida and then a little lap around the Big 10 here, Virginia in the fourth quarter, they've got the 35 14 lead over Illinois. Michigan State taking care of of Youngstown State, 35 to 7, Minnesota, The 21 3 lead on Miami, Ohio. And Northwestern, with a 14. Nothing lead on Indiana states. Let's Tyler Rocky. He brings us our scoreboard updates here on Chicago's college tailgate like Abdel with you here on ESPN 1000, the ESPN Chicago APP, and, by the way, Oregon as Tyler mentioned there up 14 7 with a minute left in the second quarter of this one and Abdullah. Oregon is driving there. They are getting called for a holding penalty at the moment, but they're driving deep. You know, Ohio State's and looking to go up to scores before halftime in the shoe. Would be huge because this the way this defense has been playing even without two of their best players. Um, that's a lot two touchdowns a lot for Ohio State to come back from. But as we saw, you know, in the opening week of the season they can score at will when they start to click. So if this is something that you know, Ryan Day needs to go in and make some halftime adjustments. If he can do that, then this is still a game. If you can stop and limit this Oregon drive to a field goal that's probably a win right now, as you're going to halftime An Oregon. What had they have? I believe all their time outs right now, Or they have at least two. I can't tell from the screen at the moment, so they do have time to get some work done against the Buckeyes before the half that came in Columbus, Uh, looking at the rest of the college football slate last weekend. The marquee matchup early was Alabama against Miami, and that game ended early. I mean, There's 10. Nothing After one going into halftime, it was 27 to 3. Miami looked pathetic and Alabama rocked Price. Young was fantastic for touchdowns. Uh, you know, in really Alabama looked like the true power that they have been for quite some time now, when it comes to this weekend now Have a cupcake Abdel because your face off against Mercer for the home opener for the Crimson Tide. They're not the only team ranked high that has a cupcake this weekend. Alabama Mercer. That's a three o'clock game on the SCC network. Oklahoma faces off against Western Carolina. You know the fighting Western Carolina, folks. Whatever their mascot is. I have no idea. Do you Carolina ins? Do you know? Do you have any idea what the Western Carolina mascot is? Taking on Oklahoma. Odds are it's a wildcat. Just because that's that's just the odds on favorite Just because of what With what? We have presented him from us. Let's see if I have. I have no idea. No idea. I'm trying. I can't even find Oklahoma. Here we go. Let's see. It's a Western Carolina. Uh, Catamounts, the Kalamazoo. That's kind of cool to look. Look at the helm. It's It's a nice It's a homemade with a w C U and a Catamount logo right below. It works. What? What is a Catamount believe it's a big cat. Like a mountain cat. Okay, Cool. Alright, So I think I was close, right? Like you know another Catamount and collegiate athletics. Uh huh. I know of one other No at least know what do you got? Vermont? Yeah, them out. Okay. It's a great It's a cougar type of cat. So I mean, it's a variation of a big cat, Katima. I'll take credit for I'll take that as a win because I said Wildcat, like At least I was in the same fewer. Yeah, Yeah, Okay, So let me give you another one. Because it's not only Alabama who is the number one team in the country, playing a cupcake in Oklahoma, the number two team in the country who's playing a cupcake, but then you also get Clemson the number 16 in the country looking for a bounce back victory against South Carolina state at four o'clock on the network, South Carolina State. Do you have any idea what the logo is for South Carolina State Now, if you're not going to go wild cat Perhaps you could give me a different, uh, obvious logo and pit it right on the head on this one, South Carolina. Well, it's probably not a bird because they probably want to distance themselves from South Carolina. They probably don't want to be a Gamecock or any form of bird away from Gamecock. Yes, yes, The other. The other stereotypical male name from Wildcat is then a dog. So like a bulldog or something that so nailed it. Bulldog Carolina State Bulldogs. How about that? Damn Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama, all feasting on some Cupcakes. Really pathetic. Really, When you think about these teams Playing such trash schools in the second week of the college football slave. Why not be like a real school like Syracuse play someone real or be like a real school like USC player rivalry team and weak too, But Nope. Alabama. Hold on. Alabama needs to have the easy schedule set up for them to face off against Mercer. You know what they say? My friends taking on the.

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