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It sounds like they're worse than five and too, but that's what they are this morning. So are the Rams joined the Cardinals right behind the Seahawks in the NFC West. Jared Goff threw for two scores. No win, Johnny Hekker put all five of his punts inside the Bears 10 yard line. NFL network has some details on the one year deal that Antonio Brown officially signed in Tampa Bay this morning. There's a $1 million base salary, plus another 1.5 million incentives that includes 750 K for winning the Super Bowl. And Washington football team President Jason Wright says they'd like to have picked a new nickname by the middle of next year. They're going slowly to get it right. 16 days at the Lakers won the MBA title. The Dodgers can win the world. Siri's standing in their way tonight is raised Lefty Blakes. Now I'm excited that I'm in the position that You know, I got a pitch Game six and that's a tough team over there. So We don't have to keep playing really, really good baseball. Snell owns the Rays best start of this. Siri's foreign. Two thirds two runs nine K's in Game two, which Tampa Bay one like last Wednesday, Snell opposed by Tony Gonsouland. He throws the first pitch at 708 Central. The FCC has fined old Miss Head coach Lane Kiffin $25,000 for Retweeting criticism. Of conference officials after Saturday's loss to Auburn. But the SEC also kind of saying Kevin was right, admitting that the game should have been stopped to review a potential fun born early kickoff. Aldrin kept the ball and scored the winning points. ESPN has cancelled the multiple college basketball events it was trying to host in the Disney bubble testing protocols. Mint too difficult to pull all these games off the preseason an I T the champion's classic and the Jimmy V Classic included in this and we've got more Champions League Soccer today. Bayern Munich faces Locomotive Moscow at 1 55 Eastern Really Madrid hopefully loses to a team with the most German name ever at four o'clock bill back to you. Old bugger's where I had the earplugs in heard bears, and I just I'm sorry. Misty was at all John Small Tate. Don't grazed of Andrew Bug ish at Andrew Luggage on Twitter. All right, let's let's hit a bunch of the things that we haven't talked about on the show. We have a catch. All segment where we cap off with buyer sell some messy drama. What else is new Barcelona? Some world serious talk. Some other topics. We want to bring you next here on CBS Sports Radio. That shell We know from the.

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