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All day. We've got a lot going on all the show at three o'clock brewer time, Jan brewer former governor of Arizona, MAC and Gaydos, political insider also at four forty five make sure you're registered for the KTAR cash. The the giveaway that we're giving away. Call for cash is coming up at four forty five that could be another thousand dollars in your pocket also actually in for a very excited. Go. What is it piece of blow that nose into it? I'm not going to blow my a piece of paper. Tissues in here. I have issues back in the office. I will be fine. Okay. Yeah. I know allergies are still bugging, y'all. Like, you wouldn't believe I'll make fun of you today. And then I'm sure I'll get hit with tomorrow. It's bugging everybody. I hope not all that yellow crap out there. It's called pollen. Yeah. I feel like it just goes like all the way into your nose into your brain. That's what that's what happened. Yes. There's a cyber security agency releasing the one hundred thousand most commonly used passwords in the world. If you have any one of these they implore you to change them. What do you think the number one password that needs to be changed is got to be one two three four five? Right. It's got to be that one pretty interesting that you say that of all the small things in life picking a secure password is nothing to mess with. But a bunch of people out there are clearly nineties music fans and blink one eighty two sounded safe enough to us. No kidding in the category of musical artists. The most heck password is blink one eighty two. I never would have thought that. I gotta tell you. That's a brilliant password. Yeah. Because every time you do a password. You've got to have your letters go into numbers. Now. You do. Yeah. Blink one eighty two. I mean, that's I don't I don't like the band or you can do fifty cent. I guess that's a number a letter put together. I don't think you can go numbers before letters. Can you fifty cent? Yeah. Blink one eighty two. If your password is blink one eighty to change it. Okay. According to a new study from the UK's national cyber security center, the ideas that people think they're slick because the password contains letters and numbers, according to match people or they're just die hard fans know, blink one eighty bassist and vocalist. Mark hoffitz can't seem to believe what he's seeing in tweeted you guys. You can't tweet guys unless you want a smiley face at the end. I guess I read the tweet it said you guys period. So how does he interpreted it as you guys? I don't know the end says the top ten most common passwords included, the usual suspects like one two three four five six one four five six to twenty three point two million victims victim. Yes. The breakdown of the most common passwords that led to security breaches worldwide. Wow. Twenty three point two million victims had one two three four five six cordy. Cordy was there I don't get eight. What's that look at your keyboard? Tom. Some W E RT, y so I read this this morning, right? And it said Corey and I'm looking at him like, I don't get is that a word that. I don't know. Right. What has happening here? Right. It is not that is you're right left of your keyboard. Right. Which was used by twenty three point two. All right others. Tried to be sneaky and added a few more numbers, but one two three four five six seven eight nine is still Hackel and seven point seven million accounts used that combo as a password so one two three four five six seven eight nine. We have Corey just to be safe the security center recommends using three random but memorable terms in password. I remember back in nineteen ninety eight I was working at a radio station in Texas, and the IT guy said do do not make your password password, and I thought dumb enough to use the word password as your password. How many people three point six million people idiots were were victims of security breaches worldwide because their password was password you've got to change your password junior because the most popular fictional character. Password superman. Yep. Superman catego- Batman. Yeah. I don't know. Who are you te'o is no Ruto. I don't know who that is. I'm gonna Google that Google that to poke Oman. I'll I'll got to change his are Antigone Ruto tigger with a t now Ruto. That's a Pokemon thing. Oh, is it? Oh, he's a Japanese man, Jeff series sky Pokemon thing, right? No, ma'am, manga or manga is a is a different type of comic. He's a character. Mingo. Also, Metallica is apparently a pretty popular musician pass. I guess no one eighty two you got. All right, right. I coming up next. It's brewer. Former Arizona governor jamboree MAC and Gaydos, political insider Mexican soldiers are pointing guns at our troops along the border should Trump take that as a declaration of war last brewer next.

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