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Just a short time ago. We heard from CBS chairman, les Moonves for the first time since this allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced Moonves speaking on a conference call about corporate earnings in many were eager to hear if he would address the allegations here tonight. ABC's Eva pilgrim. Tonight, CBS CEO, les Moonves silent about the sexual misconduct allegations against him that have rocked the network. He's run for two decades. Good afternoon, everyone. And thanks for joining us today. Speaking on a public earnings call only about CBS financials, moon vez in control and praised by at least one investor. It's amazing how much you've diversified CVS revenue over the last three to five years. No one asking him about the New Yorker expose were six. Women came forward, accusing him of offenses, ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault. This as CBS hires two prominent female attorneys to look into claims against him and the culture at CBS or earlier this week CBS films, president, Terry press struggling to reconcile the moon vez. She knows with the allegations posting this statement, I do not believe that it is my place to question the accounts put forth by the women, but I do find myself. Asking that if we are examining the industry as it existed decades before through the lens of twenty eighteen should we also discuss a path to learning reconciliation and forgiveness does his wife on her show defending her husband. I assured the one and only statement I will ever make on this topic on Twitter, and I will stand by that statement today tomorrow forever. But the LA times reports the CBS board knew of at least one separate allegation reported to police months ago involving moon vets. The unnamed woman claiming he sexually assaulted her three times in the eighties, but the LA county district attorney's office determine the incidents are outside the statute of limitations. CBS and Moonves are not commenting on this latest allegation, but Moonves has denied assaulting anyone or misusing his position of power. So Eva pilgrim back with us tonight. And we know this moon is still is in charge. CBS. Well, this independent investigation is now underway, but as for that commission, he helped start. Eva has has chosen to step down from that commission. It's a high profile commission made of top media exacts aiming to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. David, he turned in his resignation to the group this week, Viva pilgrim continuing to cover the story for us, Eva. Thank you tonight day three. In the trial of former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort Heidi Wauschkuhn testifying today that she processed manafort's, personal and business expenses. She was the bookkeeper, but testify cheat did not know about more than a dozen accounts. He allegedly held overseas. Prosecutors also showed manafort's financial documents have into banks for potential loans. The bookkeeper testifying. They differed from the version that she had generated four Manafort. There is still much more ahead on world news tonight. This Thursday, the first American company now worth a trillion dollars. It happened today and you might have helped also look at this image is today that daycare scare playing out a man barricaded inside chilled. Children see very young. They're escaping through the windows officers, lifting them out the amber alert in late today. Young woman, they say abducted from a major American airport, the FBI now involved in need your help and more on that fiery crash. Rescue, the good Samaritans teaming up with officers to save.

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