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So this generation millennials can fix it. If you just give them the notch coming stipulation would fix this. But at this point I'm like, it's easy. Just gender alone. It's either women are stupider or it's sexism, and I don't think women are stupider. So you're fifty four percent of the college graduates, and I learned a long we go, you're smarter. I say that the legislation about boards, I don't think you legislation is not the way to solve. I think by the time the government goes at it. You got a real problem, diverse boards, pretty sped results area, diverse leadership, produce better results period. You fix it in the startups. And by the time you're talking to personal work on tax policy for seventeen years. By the time, government does something. It's too late in the day messed up. So I think they've got to create an environment, but companies have to also own this. This isn't about just making profits about doing the right things and having inclusion as part of your culture, but it's the startups solve this. If that's where all the jobs are going to be created, which will care point goo fix that they are. Yeah, I was talking to a CEO and he's like, well, it can't just be about doing the right thing. I'm like, why I was like, why not? Why not? Why can't you're out doing the right? That's the values that teach. We're not talk about culture. I try to encourage people to put customers first, the CEO sheer. He's got to own the culture and then just do the right thing. I was on video conference. With the young woman out of France, twenty five employees and our company. She's got a tiger by the tail and terms of union how you change the workplace and what do you do on this? And she focused on her culture and values. She would not have done that originally, but. I'm entered her when I was in France. I said, here's what I want to cover the next time we're together, there's the approach. So I I'm really optimistic about the future, but I think it's going to be the millennials who fix it. Let's hope anyway, jock. I really appreciate it. It's a pleasure. It's been too long. We have to do this more often. I have a lot of questions I want to. I'm going to France with you. I'm coming to France to do it was the food's good to a hear. It was great talking to you. Thanks for coming on the show. He enjoyed the interview as much as I did, be sure to describe and leave us a review on apple podcast. You can also find more episodes of Rico decode on Spotify, Google podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, if you didn't like the interview, lose it and co, Sean. How's that. A pig. If you tweet me, I'm curious on Twitter. I like pigs, that's fine. Now that you're done with this going, check out the latest episode of Recode media. You can find that show wherever you found this one. Thanks for listening to this episode of Rico decode, and thanks to editor. Joel, rob, your producer, Eric Johnson. I'll be back here on Saturday tune in then..

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