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Bag the right? No, no, no. I'm not doing that. Vosper? Oh the box. Man. I'll care. Nobody's say you, Mike. How do the grossest grocery shines? He only like. Only like grocery shopping. Groceries. No. I like to. They go along. Do they do that? They don't do this. About one thirty one. Anybody tax? Your cousin or something going dark on sugar? I. Almost feel. You gotta go. We're talking about a lot about. Physically. Get into a man we got this low Mosey big Drako. The last week. I wanted to talk about big Drako is he a legend or no, no. That's. Okay. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. Yeah. Ghetto story. He usually goes. Team when he came out. Doc, ID talk like pro Dougie audit. They came in. All right. Legend is somebody that everybody that hurts you tell me like, even if you don't listen to that type of music, you don't hurt about this man, you telling me people, I heard people know Saugus. Soldier boy up in. Superman. Has started five hundred. Started guys don't go. He started a whole trend of this is one lane wit. No. A lot of people from overseas..

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