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Newport News man has been arrested after shooting at Fairfax County Wednesday. Fairfax County police charging 20 year old Julin keen in connection with the shooting and killing with Samuel on your car in Reston. Police say both men attended South Lakes High School Keen was arrested in Newport News is our first homicide of the year and Perfects County. And the arrest and apprehension of the accused was an example of the exceptional multijurisdictional and interagency team effort. That is major Ed Oh Carol Police in Newport News, Arresting keen late Friday night. He has been charged with second degree murder. That's William County officials looking at higher taxes. They say they need the money to balance the budget. The $1.35 billion spending plan that'll be proposed this week is more than 5% bigger than the county's current budget. As county leaders look to pay for new projects and pay raises for county employees, a big chunk of the increase would be paid for with a proposed tax on cigarettes. County executive Chris Martinez budget proposal includes a 30 Cent per pack tax on cigarettes sold in Prince William County. What's referred to as the car tax would also go? Up. And while residential property tax rates would stay the same rising assessments mean most homeowners will still pay more under the proposal said to be formally unveiled Tuesday. John Doman w T O P News The latest coronavirus number is 122 new cases in D. C today. No deaths. That's down from three yesterday. Maryland reporting 847 new cases, but that's down from 1100 the day before. Airlines 18 deaths also down from 33 yesterday, Virginia reporting more than 2500 cases. But that's down from 3215 16 people dying in the Commonwealth, down from 30 yesterday for the latest figures, you can go to w t o p dot com Meanwhile, concerns about Corona virus vaccine supply the CVS locations in Virginia, some local leaders, saying they were kept in the dark. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay says he learned about CVS has planned offer vaccinations at a store in Annandale when everyone else did, and that led the worried calls from his residence. They were concerned that if they had already registered with the county Would that put in jeopardy their position in our vaccination roles, he says. That won't happen because both are separate. CVS says it's been working with the State Health Department on its rollout, though McKay says the county, which is running its own vaccination registration system was not a part of those discussions. This announcement with no coordination with Fairfax County and no coordination With our health department has been very frustrating for us like Morello. W T O P NEWS 6 13 trucks are red hot these days. If you want one. Here's what you need to know it can get overlooked in its category, but the Honda Ridgeline is motor Weeks. 2021 driver's Choice Award winner for best midsize truck Motor Week host John Davis. Arguably this is a pickup truck based on a minivan in an SUV, not a full frame pickup truck. But we did think for the personal use by There..

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