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Only televised debate, the major party candidates for Maryland governor clashed on several issues, hoping to Garner your support, WTO's Melissa. Republican delegate Dan Cox and Wes Moore went head to head exchanging criticism. When asked about gun control, Cox made clear his push to get guns off the streets, pointing out more positions. Their approach was to refuse the felony approach that if you've used a gun in crime that you should go to jail instead, they want them to run the streets. More shot back. Which, by the way, I never said. Making clear his endorsements. The irony is the blue doesn't back you, because the police officers have endorsed our campaign. When discussing the state's recent settlement with HBCUs. How are we creating pipelines in our nursing industry? In our education system. Delegate Cox. So we need to make sure we equalize not only the funding to the university, but to make sure that money gets to the student. Wednesday's televised debate is the only time the candidates will go head to head before election day. Melissa Howell WTO P news. Do check out more about the debate tonight at WTO dot com and you want to stay tuned. Will Ford who works for Maryland matters will be with us. He was very near the debate stage watching tonight we'll have some analysis from him at 1110 tonight. We're learning more about what marylanders think of teachers talking about LGBTQ issues in the classroom, a new Washington Post university of Maryland poll finds nearly 70% think it's appropriate in high schools. 54% believe it's okay for teachers to discuss in middle school, but by a two to one margin responders are against teachers talking about these issues with children in a kindergarten through third grade. The poll has a margin of error of plus or -4%. Three years ago, the state introduced a health framework to start conversations about gender identity at an earlier age. The U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania is tightening and the candidates are fiercely fighting for a seat that could alter the Senate's balance of power. WTO's Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill. Recent polls show Republican doctor mehmet Oz getting closer to Democrat John fetterman. The lieutenant governor still leads by a few percentage points, but his health continues to get scrutiny after a stroke. In an interview with NBC News, he read a reporter's questions from a computer as she spoke, but says his recovery is going well. Having interviews and getting around all across Pennsylvania, that gives everybody and the voters decide. If they think that it's really the issue. Oz continues to charge an ads that fetterman is soft on crime. John fetterman supports decriminalizing dangerous drugs. The two candidates have a highly anticipated debate on October 25th. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. A former Mar-a-Lago employee tells FBI agents about moving boxes of documents at the Florida resort on the instructions of the former president. That's according to reporting by The Washington Post, citing people familiar with the Justice Department's investigation. The witness reportedly told agents that mister Trump ordered boxes moved to his Mar-a-Lago residence back in May after Trump advisers received a subpoena for any classified documents that remained at the resort. The post reports the witness testimony was backed up by security camera footage, and the former employee is cooperating with the Justice Department's investigation. The January 6th House select committee is holding its next and likely last public hearing tomorrow afternoon starting at one. Ahead of the meeting, The Washington Post reports that new evidence from the committee includes Secret Service text messages that show that former president Trump was repeatedly warned of the violence that was going on outside the capitol last January 6th of last year. Washington Post live anchor Lee Ann Caldwell tells WTO, this new evidence contradicts previous testimony from Trump. Despite testimony in previous hearing, saying that Trump was fully aware of the violence on that day. Trump told New York Times reporter Maggie haberman that he wasn't aware until very late in the day. What was happening outside the capitol, which seems to contradict reams of testimony and now once again, perhaps from the Secret Service. The January 6th public hearing scheduled for 1 p.m. tomorrow with full coverage here and a WTO dot com. A member of the oath keepers who traveled to D.C. before the January 6th attack on the U.S. capitol testified today about a massive cache of weapons, the far right extremist group stashed in a Virginia hotel room. Terry Cummings showed jurors an AR-15 rifle and an orange box for ammunition that he contributed to the so called quick reaction force that the oath keepers had staged at the hotel just outside D.C. and Arlington in case they needed weapons. The quick reaction force is a central piece of the Justice Department's case against oath keepers founders toward roads and four associates charged with seditious conspiracy in the capitol riot. Our forecast for the end of the week, on the way on WTO. High 5

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