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A couple of days men there is no climate change of course it's just wacky right all right let's go to raymond new city to kick off this hour raymond you're on the fan kohei like a talk a little bit about sandy colfax sure i was i'm dating myself ninety fifty shirts site thing when he came into the legal thinking have high school graduate i went to a nice damn rid of it's field gentlemen i remember we took bidder june sandy colfax i don't know if it was in the mind but he was so wild can't even doing any manual textured he was for all bulls not only over the catch uh into the net klay up like playing enough over ms had any pitched like that all night i said if this guy was in the mind least you've ever make it to the majors oh yeah that's why sandy koufax of the first five years of his career couldn't crack these starting rotation couldn't s you know nobody thought he was gonna make then he finally got command any of the devastating curveball plus the heat and game managing their sandy koufax accept that night i saw him in august of sixty six yelp earlier thank vow partner that have probably got common ground while i was well no it was it was arthritis i mean he had of apparently a really bad arthritis in who's really painful for him to pitch and there's a great book about sandy out there and and interest talks about how you know the the regimen he had to go through every night in order to be able to pitch and the pain that he had to go through and in order to get through games and that's why it was too much for a mini retired very very early when you know you would think uh back in the day could have pistilli was forty and basically at thirty was done skirted villain massive peak next year on the fan bill good afternoon richard owes eight will be quick you are you know i call a little bit of garbage uh this morning uh and i i don't know fseries you know and costly just like you know who's intelligient when it comes to uh baseball knowledge but he's ignorant as uh a human being you know when he doesn't really uh.

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