Darrell Perry, State Rep, New Hampshire discussed on Overnight America with Jon Grayson


It i mean i've made a halfpage flyer but i could have made a 20page of flyer just because there's so much that's that's going on i just actually this week darrell perry and i we went up to the civic there's a committee to study cryptocurrency in the state house and this was the committee that from that committee came the bill that i talked about earlier which protects cryptocurrencies from businesses re using cryptocurrencies from being considered money transmitters so this committee's done some good work already they have to there are sort of mandated to meet on a once a year basis just to check in and see if they need to do anything and they talk to the banking regulator who was there and they said well you this bill went through has there been any problems since then as she couldn't claim that there was so that there wasn't really anything for them to do they basically closed out the meeting saying well we're not going to do anything so at this moment besides i'm sure there's some state rep's that have probably put together some bitcoin related legislation i just don't know what it is yet so you know like a couple of years ago there was the one that proposed that taxes should be able to be paid with bitcoin i mean some people feel differently about that but there's all kinds of interesting things happening in new hampshire and that's because we actually have state representatives and state senators who have been coin yeah that's awesome so the reason why that build got through this summer was because on the senate commerce committee two of the five members of the senate commerce committee or already bitcoin fence they already have it so they already understand it we didn't have to go through dig learning curve in explaining it to these guys how many other states senate's can you know make that claim their zero zero he has really exciting i mean i think it's going to be i i think it's going to be a really great because someplace has to be when you have decentralised technology there's still is benefits of physical presence somewhere someplace has to be the kind of center of it.

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