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And overall lack of shows starring women nbc riding high on the super bowl and winter olympics picked up the comedy brooklyn nine nine which was cancelled by fox nbc and fox will show off their new schedules in new york today to perhaps the most important audience advertisers eric dagens npr news you know it's not often that a father and son both become masters of very different art forms an exhibition at the barnes foundation in philadelphia proves that it is possible renoir father and son shows paintings by the father of impressionism and also films his son made years later that became classics npr special correspondent susan steinberg explores how their art connects they had a loving that complicated relationship like many fathers and sons between these two the father was nineteenth century painter pierreauguste renoir the sun was twentieth century filmmaker john renoir the complications were artistic and personal what do you make of the fact that joan a year after his father dies mary's the father's last model it's too intimate maybe to get integrated i dunno too intimate to interpret says matthew orleans from these cinematheque francaise in paris was of course a very important link this woman between father and the son the son put her in his movies the father painted here about a hundred times it his finally years he died in one thousand nine hundred nineteen in the paintings she is timeless she's very sensual and in josephine's she's very experimental she's very adventurous in what she's doing she's a modern movement curator sylvie patrie august renoir's women are pink zeph dick joyous john's heroines nanna the little match girl and in his classics the rules of the game and grand illusion there docker his first film may nineteen twenty four silent is called katherine or a life without joy there were other differences as well as similarities in a memoir john wrote i have spent my life trying to determine the extent of the influence of my father upon me the binds demonstrates the influence by projecting a clip from a film john made in one thousand nine hundred thirty six on a wall near an oil agoos created sixty years earlier the father paints a pretty sunda pulled young blonde standing on the swing she's.

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