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In uniform. I always wanted to become a police officer. You know and i thought if. And when i get up at your duty at the time. I am going to do what i want to do. Assist in fayette. Allen joined the metropolitan police in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and was the first black policewoman. In britain the eighty three year old died on july fifth at her home in jamaica. She's not the only woman to make history on the frontline. i warmly. Welcome chris as you. Commissioner of the police service cressida. Dick i joined the force in one thousand nine hundred eighty three rising up the ranks before being appointed to the top role in twenty seventeen. I couldn't be more place to be appointed as a commissioner. It's beyond my wildest dreams now dame cressida. She is the first woman to lead the metropolitan police service. Danny carlton was also the first woman to take charge of. London's fire service before retirement at the end of two thousand. Nineteen nine thousand nine hundred. Eighty two josephine reynolds was among britain's first female firefighters signing up in norfolk the age of just seventeen her motivation. Well it followed a tragedy five years earlier my husband i live in the middle of nowhere my family and i in wales. You guys were not. Everything's normal and then you work up in the middle of the night kind of by smooth can flames. You know strange noises. Strange feed in every is going on and it's very terrifying. You just don't know quite what do that. We watched us. These firefighters kind of from the local fiber gates turned up and again it was the middle of the night and they put the fire hours. Yeah i think sublime the. I never can but anyway it might conscience. You know that's state with may. Did they have to carry you out of the house. did you talk to them afterwards. Did they let you sit in the in. The fire appliance said. Can you remember anything more about it. Now i mean. I remember my stepfather band. He banged on the downstairs window. And kind of hold me outside from the bedroom but the no says i mean they were so busy and they spent all the time kind of putting the plays out but then i remember them kind of making sure. Everything's put out completely and that's when you see that favorite possessions. Mums records being moved around the net. Just like completely melted or ashish seen an awful like that ever since during your career. So let's let's continue then. So what four or five years later you turn seventeen. And angie joined the norfolk fire service. That's awfully young to get in. I had no intention of becoming a firefighter. In fact the whole thing in wales kind of put it behind me so my friends were all sort of great students enough to go into universities to be teaches and lawyers and doctors. Don't i really wanted to do was to kind of be competing independent. Half my unduplicated are desperate to find a job and I moved from my mom's place. In in wales to norfolk where my father's and from there with Advert and it said junior. Firefighter wanted not so. I haven't got a clue what that is but you know. I'm going to apply anything. I applies i. You applied and got in. Tell us what the reception was like for this young slip of a woman this teenager you weren't allowed to make up. You ought to have your head cut short every two kinds of sides to it. The instructors were the ones that we dealt with day. Stay in the boys. Once i crack the boys at them then we will find that we had to change hind kuttan Cubicles debbie searches for women as all the boys kind of a six seventeen Peeking behind the curtain and one day. I just kind of pulled it back. Sit down my bomb pants and swore them on. They said that was in the new own fine. But you get any comments along the lines of. You're never going to be able to do the fireman's lift or whatever it's called. You're not strong enough for all that it's not necessarily To my face in associate training camp. But certainly when i went out and about as part of our training fifty month's rent on secondment in some fire stations. We went to some of the whole time is that are you just a publicity stunt. There's no way you could do this job. A lot of that. Kind of mutterings. Things i do. Carry twelve sent dummy my shoulder hundred yards two minute to get into the process. I knew i was perfectly capable of doing the job. And i i'm just gonna prove you wall so comments like that fired you excuse the pun. What about the attitude at home. What did your your parents aren't. Father stepped in your mother. What did they make it. A mum not too. I mean my mom's always really proud of me. Real champion tag was same bit quieter but he kind of taught me how to press trials. That didn't go shiny that kind of thing. Copa dad's stuff had punish on show very supportive. That's good to hear talk to me. Then how what your attitude was to becoming accepted by your male colleagues this issue you know. These doubts that they have about your abilities. Your physical abilities. You prove that. Then i mean. Did you bond with them. Did you make friends. Did you mix socially. I should during training. There were very few people who were not positive. Said the majority were positive. And you. can you know we will push ready baby hard during training and it was a long training courses a fifteen months so by the time i to everyone they can see. How could work can do the job when i got there. My boss said joe just worry still running everywhere into just enjoy your joe pair. Yeah were it was proper big family. And that's why. I'd have to jobs so much just of other people have guys that in speci- goes to think of unocal's women that one of your mission just just to say to girls and young women you know. Nothing's off limits. You if you want to do it. Go and do it. That's it in. Our desert failed lack of visible role models. But the more voters we have the better and people talking about what they do for if is something completely different different career 'cause people will automatically inca firefighting for women but it's an amazing amazing job. I run a female fighter of the world group on facebook. As well. And i says women and i wasn't in the guy very This a bond that comes from being Family and Support good energy. It's a wonderful family to be part of that family. I mean just to get back to the job itself. I mean not comes about because of what you've got to deal with and you will rely upon each other you've got to know what's your colleagues are doing and And you gotta stay safe. Yes that's right. i mean. That's the trainees very intense. So that you've been in your job. You should be able to safe disposable but equally things do go ball said case savina. How'd you manage a situation when something's gone wrong. That's where good leaders come in. Great leaders people. Who are taking care of you in the roles of the offices around you say yes sold about that. Maybe a few beers afterwards to to talk it through. Yeah it was very sociable station back. Then i think in the eighties. We had each station had actually a ball. I think have anymore. We more boss every always having fancy just parties and halloween parties massive firework parties. And it was. It was a constant because everyone's family with that it was a great environment is slowing much fun again.

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