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And i think you know when when one gets that second dose of vaccine there does have that sense of like where we are marching forward You know for the listeners are interested. I i was also very proactive about taking every prop pros in a around the clock And and huns of fluids and And sort of you know was able to Sustain post Second go with without much difficulty at all. so we're of. I'm sorry well. Senator people are having I wouldn't say serious. Some of reaction after the second dose. Yeah i would say the majority of people have. Yeah have something i mean. It's you know whether it's a light. Eight or headache gorgeous. More more serious than that. No i mean it is. It is pretty rare uncommon And and so. I think everybody should expect a desk. Feel little bit. achey a little bit blah. You know a little bit. Not your hundred percent yourself. But that's okay. The good news is that means that it's working right. It's like you know hats when we shifted this around. Actually say gosh. What an amazing thing that here we are so worried about not getting signed up for the vaccine the first day that you know face to open taking a bigger perspective and saying this is incredible that we have these vaccines day are here. Were gonna get them. It's gonna be okay. We've still got a long way to go before we sleep Please please make sure you're talking to your loved ones and your neighbors and and seen how making sure that we can all get vaccinated so we can try to get back with some sense of normality surely did talk about a reaction. She got from her. First dose of the madonna. Madonna and forty minutes later. Her face was red. Hot and blotchy. No highs no sort of brushes wondering if she should take benadryl before her next shot that will affect the vaccination. It will not affect the backs nation. In fact i just wanna my patients called me over the weekend With with similar I've kind of hy-vee almost action and seventy five And so i think benadryl is a great idea. And that's what. I recommended for my patient as well but also lots of fluids And just you know the important things for for any buddy who's listening who is an employee. is Sorry employer is how do you make sure that all your employees are going to get some time off. It's paid time that they can go get the vaccine. If they're having any side effects the next day like that is part of what we need to be doing to make sure that this equitable to is not. Make me as making sure that everybody can do it without any fear recrimination You know in terms of the work front maclear people's free. That's another thing. We've korean awoke on so that people shouldn't worry about that. We have time for one more quick one marjorie. Picket jilin burlington. Thank you for calling. Jill jill jill one more jill. We seem to have lost gel We gotta go elsewhere. Jill or apologies. We gave it a try where he wants to go next out there in brighton. our colleagues. They'll tell us in a second andrew manchester. Hi.

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