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The only thing I'm gonna bring you a book about cat ownership. The maybe that's why is time for voted walk away from it FILA sock with books, and then walk across the country hand delivering books to people about his next big deal, even Vada maybe because at this point. Let's be honest Amazon. You've gotta have like a whole giant warehouse. Just full of the books. You forgot that you were supposed to sell. Absolutely maybe start like Halloween. Those. Is out and shipping people that things they ordered in books. Well, what do you think HQ two's going to be made out of traps may looks? No, the bones of employees that Jeff just uses as you know, dude sucks. Hey, can I tell you guys something horrible though? What's that? Did you see the our oke thing from thanksgiving? Yeah. No. I saw a headline. I skipped it. Oh, you shouldn't. You should have really patronize that click. But because this is this is a very good like meal time prep for me because Travis posted her mom's old sweet potato casserole recipe that I had not seen in a while was like my favorite dish that she may for thanksgiving. So psyched, I made it was so Ballin. And so I sympathize with Mr. Roker who on the today show, presented his mom's sweet potato based thanksgiving food recipe is kind of a cash. Sorolla, but with chunks of pineapple and like a heaping handful of baking soda in it, which I I'm still Turner at my mind around almost as far, and again, I do not I'm not dunking on Mr. Roker or his mom or anything like that. I would never do that. I respect the game the recipe he did say on television times was sweet potato Poon. With his mouth on the television, and my years, and I'm assuming lots of other people's ears heard the waves he created, and then we're sort of digitally synthesized sent over the Airways and then into sweet potato PU really hit it wound. And he hit it hard loud. Plo Cives loud everything. So that was the highlight of my year is that sounds very good. Where were you just you saw it on a website? You didn't even hear the word. Did you know? I saw dad our TV and dad got really mad at him. Oh, yeah. Well, because he hates out Roker now that because he was mean to us at one time. Yeah. I don't know how I feel now is mad at him. And then the Poon thing happened. And now, I actually I think he gained a few points because how Bolden brazen. Like, I get that. You're trying to share your mom sweet potato casserole recipe. It's a beautiful instinct, right? But maybe have a talk with the producers of Frank talk with the producers. There was a fucking Chiron that said somebody. Yeah. Yes. He sat down and said, you know, I'm gonna put a lot of love into this sleep potato Poon graphic. Yeah. And even the today show Twitter account. Yeah, we did the video with a couch in what do our guest judges think of our sweet potato Poon. They love it. Yeah. And I don't like it don't like it being possessive like that. Throughout the world ruger's. And now here we are saying in and it's a word we would literally never say in any other context because it's arguably one of the worst ways to refer to genitalia, but I guess it's okay because it's actually referring to a Marsh Meli sweet potato treat. I don't know. It's more offensive the use of Poon or the use of marshmallows on sweet potato. Yeah. We have. That's listen, we have some pinions. It's never Poon Jons. We have. It's the worst. So this is an advice show. Okay. And what would you basically on this one? Is we just give you advice? You send us your questions? We joined them out coming like wisdom the Christmas creep. I don't anything I need to.

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