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Release at new make fifty dollars or hundred fifty dollars and that's it right eyes so it's it's uh it's were we've been very very fortunate that uh people of kind of uh picked up on at the way they have and the we've had um interest from media and light museum or whatever let's just off the wall but it's it's uh you know we've been reeling so i look to understand a little bit better like harding the speck out what what are the requirements for your lifestyle how much money do you need to make you just say oh canyon insurance i need food i need housing and then you say okay this how much i need or do you also say i need to save some amount of money for the future well on the saving is a luxury uh that uh we have almost a taped a we're paying for of we just pay the rent by by the food and one and pay for webb space and hosting of various kinds and uh uh we don't really have any money left over so why we've we've uh we're just we've we've been treading water for five years now i hope that the the amount of money hasn't really gone up and it i mean it's gone up a little bit but for the last five years we make anywhere from 40 to 60 thousand and split that among two people and take into consideration how the taxes work and how the healthcare works when you have to pay for yourself and stuff uh if there's not a whole lot leftover that is simeon tents artistry and i so i am increase like what what would you do have some kind of blacks one thing happened and you are all of a sudden need of monte is that like wings growing up the buy back i'd done i didn't actually see the movie i deserted by the strangest by desert the strategy that so flying blacks one is totally overloaded at this point i meant in terms of like the.

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