Humanitarian Aid, United States, Iraq discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)


It can basically go to anything from stabilization efforts which are specifically designed to build up the sort of basic infrastructure so lecture steep water things like that to genderbased advocacy you know the sort of very kind of intricate reconciliation type of work that goes on in the background that underpins a lot of the problems that have been going on for for quite a while is this sort of aid effective particularly addressing what you brought up that diseases are concerned that you don't you want to make sure you don't have a reemergence of the islamic state and that you target these communities with eight is aid an effective tool for this while again it depends how we define aid if we are talking about humanitarian aid and humanitarian assistance that is one thing but the broader definition that recently to spoke about that we when you go to to talk about education and issues of reconciliation this is a wider range of aid and the us instead of peace has been active on this supporting the religious minorities in in in in a riot you've ways one commission with swore that they have the organization civil society organisations that would give voice to the concerns of the minorities in the legislative platforms of iraq i see that as assistance given to the minority second aspect one of the barriers to return is the social tensions between the religious minorities under arab communities in their area so reconciliation to making sure that they will not go for revenge violence on there will be not be violence and an an effective means of of support so again as i said it's not black and white it comes down to the definition and the specific programmes designed to to apply to the problem sets as we have so in terms of the us institute for peace like what what is the actual work they're doing a day bringing over people for training are going over there what can you describe the work in a little bit of detail sure the a'sensitive peace has invested and several tracks to support little just minorities on this is ones segment of or a broader programme in iraq so we do work with a diverse communities of your.

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